Happy New Year!

We hope all of you had safe, happy, healthy New Year's Eve celebrations!As for us, we spent the whole night at a raging dance club in the city. We stumbled home around 3 am, and then posted all of our exploits on Facebook.Actually, we didn't.I fell asleep on the couch around 10, and woke up approximately three minutes before midnight. We were hard-core partiers. We did enjoy some great food last night...in the Simon family tradition we had crab, shrimp, bread, and lots of cheese. Sean bought some fabulous desserts, and we toasted with a nice white wine (OK, sparkling cider for me). But then it was only 9 pm. So we watched the ball drop on East Coast time (the Hillary and Bill Clinton


Nesting: The phenomenon where pregnant women become incredibly domestic, usually characterized by cleaning, cooking, laundry, and excessive organizing.Most signs point to the fact that I will probably never be a nester. As most of you know, I lack the very important domestic gene that many women are born with. I can load the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, and every so often, put things away. I've gotten better at laundry. But my husband is the one who sweeps, takes out the trash, scrubs the pots and pans, and generally makes sure that things aren't disgusting.I could probably cook, if I wanted to. Sean will admit that I am the best grilled-cheese maker in the whole world. This

Cigars, Golf, and Football

You're right, this is not a post about Tucker's Mom, but about Tucker's Dad :)Sean took a quick trip to Arizona over Christmas to visit with his brother Harvey, sister-in-law Teri, and nephew Aaron. He was also joined by Dad and Pauline (who flew in from New Jersey) and Joe, Mindy, and Brayden.It sounds like he had a really wonderful time there, and was able to indulge in lots of "Boy Things" since I was home in San Francisco (resting, of course!). Apparently, the "Boy Things" included video games with Aaron, cigars and golf with Dad, Harvey and Joe, lots of good food (including S'Mores in the backyard!), a few rounds of golf, a football game, and even some booze. I sure missed seeing