Boy oh Boy!!!!

It's a boy....and boy was he all too ready to show us who he was!What an amazing day this has been! We started the day with our 20 week ultrasound appointment at John Muir in Walnut Creek. I must say, the doctors and ultrasound techs there are the kindest, most professional, wonderful folks ever! We have been so impressed with them every time we have been there. The tech began the ultrasound, and talked us through every step. Immediately, we could see the baby's back and spinal cord, looking incredibly human and adorable. The tech took a close look at every part of Tucker, showing us the brain, every chamber of the heart, the bladder, the lenses of the eyes, the nose and lips, and so on.

The Big Reveal

Tomorrow is the day when we will finally know so much more about this tiny baby who is already so much a part of our lives. Right now, Tucker is a mystery....a wonderful, unknown, fantastic dream of the possibilities to come. I hope that Tucker is healthy. And beyond that, whatever we find out will be a blessing like we've never experienced before. After tomorrow, we will know if Tucker is going to be our son or our daughter. I've been looking for "a sign" that we're having a boy or girl, but that's not an exact science. The woman next to me in the nail salon yesterday walked in with her twin daughters, and yelled after one of them "Maddie!". I asked, and she was a Madeleine. I had a

Baby Loves The Bachelor

For about a week now, I've been feeling random little thumps in my belly every so often. Not just the little flutters that I had been feeling before, but something bigger. I was listening to Tucker's heartbeat last week, and as I pressed the doppler wand against my belly I felt a resounding "THUNK". What was that???!! Must've been nothing. But then last night, while I was watching two hours worth of The Bachelor on Tivo, circa 11:30 at night, I felt something again. "THUNK". "Thunk, Thunk". What was that??? I put my hands on my belly....the feeling was coming from one particular spot, right in the center of my lower belly....right where I know the baby is. I told myself that if I


Does anyone else think that the new "baby" picture that pops up on the right hand side of the blog is really creepy looking this week? Why is the baby's foot right underneath it's chin??? There is something very wrong about that picture.Oh well, this coming Friday we will be getting a REAL picture of Tucker at our 20 week ultrasound appointment. I doubt that he'll (she'll????) be playing Twister like the wacky baby in the widget box!

Nearly Nineteen Weeks!

Look how far we've come! I'm nearly 19 weeks, and 19 weeks is practically 20 weeks, and 20 weeks is half-way there people!!I love this dress.....for the very first time I actually feel VERY pregnant! Or as Sean said so sweetly this morning "Wow....your belly is bigger than your rear end!". Thanks. I think?

That’s Love

This is how much my husband loves me:There's nothing wrong with using food to measure love. Pork tenderloin with apple cider gravy, and baked apples stuffed with cornbread, brown sugar and sage. How did I get so lucky?Tonight, Sean's making french toast with caramelized bananas and cinnamon sugar butter. Tucker is doing a little dance. Really...I can feel so many flutters now, and they usually coincide with food. Tucker is SUCH a Simon!

Happy New Year!

We hope all of you had safe, happy, healthy New Year's Eve celebrations!As for us, we spent the whole night at a raging dance club in the city. We stumbled home around 3 am, and then posted all of our exploits on Facebook.Actually, we didn't.I fell asleep on the couch around 10, and woke up approximately three minutes before midnight. We were hard-core partiers. We did enjoy some great food last the Simon family tradition we had crab, shrimp, bread, and lots of cheese. Sean bought some fabulous desserts, and we toasted with a nice white wine (OK, sparkling cider for me). But then it was only 9 pm. So we watched the ball drop on East Coast time (the Hillary and Bill Clinton