Max Aidan

Now that we know we're having a boy, we wanted to share a little more about him with all of you. We are excited to announce that we are leaning towards the name "Max Aidan" for our little boy."Max" comes from Sean's beloved grandfather Max (Vinnie's Dad), who was a huge part of his life growing up. Sean has always known that he would name his first son "Max"...he even told me this when we first started dating! We think that it's a strong, creative name....and it's been made famous by the wonderful children's book 'Where The Wild Things Are'. "Aidan" follows the Jewish tradition of using the letter of the first name of a loved one who has passed. "Aidan" is for Kim's amazing Baubee (Ann,

President Obama

Dear Tucker,Today we witnessed the beginning of a new world, as we watched the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, President Barack Obama. You will learn about today in your history classes, but my hope for you is that you learn about the changes happening in our brave, ever-changing world on a daily basis. I hope that the world you grow up in is one where it's citizens are fearless and strong, where they help their neighbor and listen to the needs of their communities. I hope that the world is a safe place for you, filled with bravery and everyday heroism. I hope that the world that you live in is one that breeds acceptance and learning, and one that promotes

PB Girls

Today, Tucker was finally able to "meet" my dear friend Tori, who I've known since Junior High. There's something pretty crazy about sharing your pregnancy with the person who has known you since you were 13! Tori and I used to drive around PB together and dream out loud about what our lives would be like when we grew up. It is so exciting to be "all grown up" together now, and Tori brought some wonderful gifts that brought back so many of my own childhood memories.Along with some great Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein classics, she also gave us Free to Be, You and Me. Tori and I grew up with the wonderful music and great, feminist stories in this amazing book, and I can't wait to read it

A Few Gifts….

We have received some wonderful gifts in the past few months, as people help us to celebrate our upcoming arrival. Now that we know more about who Tucker is, it is a total mind trip to hold tiny little baby boy clothes and imagine OUR SON in them! Here are our very first "wearable" gifts: An adorable little sleeper from Ann and Barry, a mini A's hat from Sus and Matt, and some teeny socks from Kerrin. Thanks everyone!

20 Weeks!

We're officially half-way there!!!And what better way to celebrate, then to have found TWO pairs of maternity jeans! Other than the bulging belly, you can't even tell that these aren't my favorite pair of Lucky's. I also discovered that Mavi makes maternity jeans too...and bought another pair that is (almost) like my favorite comfy jeans from the pre-baby era. There is something magical about finding boot-cut, dark wash jeans (the second pair, as modeled here) that fit my 20 week belly and actually made my rear end look pretty cute. After a pedicure and slipping on some cute summer platform sandals the other day, I actually felt like......MYSELF again! Oh what a difference pink nail

It’s Raining Men!

From our dorm in Yosemite Hall at Cal Poly (13C) to the future moms of two little boys....what a fantastic journey this has been!

A Sneak Peek….

Disclaimer: This will be the ONLY time that we will post our child's private parts on the web for the world to see. I feel a little protective of Tucker's privacy, and it sort of goes against everything I believe in to post a picture of the poor little guy's "pee-pee" for EVERYONE to see....but, considering the circumstances, we felt you just HAD to see this! And when Tucker is 10, or 17, please don't mention that this ever happened. Here are a few profile shots....look how cute his little belly is!Tucker with his mouth open....Thumbs up! Go Eagles!