We Fight About Politics, And It Makes Our Marriage Hot


Thrilled to have an essay published on Good Housekeeping this week! ***************** My husband said he would never talk politics on a first date. I said I would never date a guy who wore linen pants and drove a car that cost more than my yearly salary. But here we are, eight years into marriage. I am the daughter of parents who marched on Washington to protest the Vietnam War. I grew up with Joan Baez and James Taylor on the record player. This means that my family was shocked when I brought home a Republican. But we knew what we were getting into from the get-go. On our first date, we shut the restaurant down as we argued health care, abortion, access to education, and international

4 Easy Steps To Mastering The Newborn Stage


Congratulations!  Now that your sweet little one is nestled into his carseat, and you are headed home from the hospital, it's time to review some very important rules for maintaining the health, dignity, self-esteem, emotional resilience, and future intelligence of your cherished offspring. Perhaps you've heard that there is a "proper" way to do this parenting thing.  There is. Intimidated?  You should be. Three days ago, you were in charge of deciding which brunch spot to wander into after you and your partner woke up at 10 am.  You were in charge of other grown-ups at work, and they could communicate their wants and needs to you in your language, and (mostly) in a timely manner.

How Do You Talk To Your Sons About Sex?


Dear Son, Last night, you wondered out loud why some mommies have girl babies in their tummies, and some mommies have boy babies. And so it begins.   We talked about how your DNA is like a recipe for how your body will grow.  We paused.  You asked more.  We talked about how daddies have sperm and mommies have eggs.  We paused.  You asked about robots.  We talked about robots.  That seemed like a good place to stop, because you are only 6. But later, as I congratulated myself on saying all the right things, I realized that this was the easiest that the conversation would ever be.  As you grow, we'll develop a laundry list of the typical things that parents of high-schoolers worry

Late To School (Again)


I laughed at a first grader who knocked over a row of bikes this morning. She was late to school, walking her bike the last few steps before parking it in front of the principal’s office.  “Come ON!” her mom begged.  “The bell just rang!”  Their footsteps tapped along the sidewalk in a familiar, choreographed dance.  I was on the last eight-count of my own uncoordinated morning performance, having nudged and prodded and rushed my five year old into his kindergarten class just seconds before. I had already walked past Little Miss Tardy when I heard the crash.  Caught up in the rush of the morning, she had flung her bike into the carefully arranged line of bright colored handlebars and

28 Days Of Play: Love Comes Crashing In


“Hiiiiiiiii-YAAAAAAAAAA” he yells, as he careens around the corner, pops up onto the back of the couch, and catapults himself into my lap on the living room floor. A tangle of wiry, thin 5 year old limbs collide with mine as I try to catch him, my arms instinctively wrapping around his back to brace his fall. My voice leaves my body before I can think to stop it. “MAX!” I yell! “Be careful!” He looks up at me with wide eyes, that quickly dissolve into a furrowed brow. “I’m sorry, Mommy.” he mumbles. “I was just trying to….”. And I cut him off. “It’s ok. You’re not in trouble. You just need to warn me before you do that, so that you don’t hurt my body….or yours.” And then, from the other

How Are Those Resolutions Treating You?


15 Ways To Lose Weight in the New Year!  10 Ways That I Will Be A More Present Mother in 2015!  479 Tips To Shedding The Pounds and Shedding The Shame! Well Happy New Year, parents everywhere.  If the magazine covers and the Facebook posts don't have you feeling terrible about yourself, then perhaps you haven't been paying attention. January 1st is no longer a new beginning, it's a deadline.  Don't think that you can hide behind your cart full of cute PJ's and juice boxes in the Target checkout line.  The tabloid magazines know you're there.  You might be so sleep-deprived that you don't realize you've spilled your latte on last pregnancy's maternity pants, but you can still (barely)

Complications Of Motherhood


  Thrilled to be published on Mamalode this month, talking about whether or not we exist beyond our children. There are goldfish crackers ground into your carpet. There is a small streak of peanut butter on the side of your sofa that matches the height of a toddler who just earned the right to walk around while he eats his snack. Who am I kidding? He won't sit in the high chair anymore, and the only way you can convince him to eat is to let him walk around with a smashed sandwich in his hand. There are exactly 247 Legos scattered across your 5-year-old's bedroom, none of which are the exact ones he is looking for when he's yelling through the bathroom door that "the little blue