I am currently a blogger for The Huffington Post.  I have been featured in Huffington Magazine and interviewed on HuffingtonPost Live, as well as other national and local radio programs.

My work has been syndicated on MSNLiving, BlogHer, Yes! Magazine, Mamalode, and Common Dreams.

Mama By The Bay began as a love letter to my son Max.  Watching him grow into a curious, active, resilient 4 year old has taught me the importance of slowing down, jumping in, and trusting my instincts.  It also scared the crap out of me.  Motherhood is not one-dimensional.  It’s unexpected, terrifying, beautiful, and rarely clean.  This space has evolved into so much more than Max’s baby book. We were thrilled to welcome our second son, Benjamin, in May of 2013, and he is the most incredible blessing.  This is a place where I can watch our family’s roots weave themselves into the ground, through words and pictures.  It is a place for parents, of all kinds, to find community.  It’s a forum where all of us can trust that our voices are being heard.  It’s a comment on the importance of identity, and a road map when you find yourself alone at the crossroads of womanhood and motherhood.  Mama By The Bay isn’t just for me, it’s for all of us.

In addition to writing about family, my background in Social Work (working with families who have experienced domestic violence, trauma, sexual assault, and adoption) remains a huge part of my identity.  My writing often reflects social and political issues that I am passionate about, and I always welcome the opportunity to speak to new audiences.

I am available for freelance writing projects, speaking engagements, and other writing assignments.  I can be reached at MamaByTheBay (at) gmail (dot) com.