My little “big” guy turned 5 a few weeks ago, so I figured it’s never too late to share his birthday letter with you!

Dear Max,

Five years ago today, you were letting us know that you were ready to come into the world.  You were scrunched up tight in my belly, folded over like you had just jumped off of the Olympic high dive.  You were bottom-down, head up, and very stuck.  We couldn’t quite figure out how you managed to get yourself in that position at the very end of your 39 weeks inside, but knowing you now, it all makes sense.  You are full of energy, curiosity, and endless movement.  Of course you got stuck.

But you didn’t want to wait for the c-section we had scheduled… danced around in there until you broke my water, and came screaming into this world in the middle of the night, right before the dawn of morning, a good four hours before you were supposed to arrive.

And I realized immediately, that I had always known you.

You, with the beautiful lips that pursed in your sleep.  You, with the bright hazel eyes and the little froggy legs.  You, barely over six pounds, with limbs that couldn’t even fill your wrinkly skin.  Gorgeous, perfect, so precious and tiny.  You made me a Mommy, and you stole my heart completely.

Watching you grow has been the greatest pleasure of my life.  Holding you against my chest as you slept, holding your hands as you took your first wobbly steps, watching you find your best friends and seek out the things that inspire you and calm you….in these moments, I know for sure that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  Next to you, next to your brother, next to your Daddy.

I love when you peek out of your classroom door as I walk away in the morning, and I turn back to wave.  We share a thumbs-up, and you nod….our secret “I’m with you, always” sign.  I love how you are curious, and brilliant, and funny, and kind.  I love how you take the world in, reflect on it, and share your insight with others.  I love that you are learning to push your boundaries, that you don’t accept quick answers, and that you narrate your day to the rest of us.  You love Legos and Transformers and building things and taking them apart.  You are an engineer.  A superhero.  A big brother who shows me every day that we are doing this parenting thing right, by touching your brother with gentle hands, touching your lips to his forehead, and singing to him when he cries.  Watching the two of you fall in love with each other, and become the best of friends, completes me every day.

There is something about you Max, that is rare and special and uncommon for so many little boys.  You have an innate sense of compassion, of empathy, of introspection.  You are kind.  You are fair.  You observe.  You’re a thinker.  I am so, so proud of how strong you are.  How hard you work at speaking each and every word.  How resilient you have been.  How far you have come.

You are perfect, Max.  Everything about you is exactly as it should be.  The things that you work hard on, are the things that make you so special.  You are brave and strong, so brave and strong.

I am so proud of you, my sweet boy.  You are my best friend.  And I am so honored to be your Mom.

I love you.  Happy Birthday!




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