Dear Bennie,

Tonight, as I rocked you to sleep, I could feel your heart beat against mine.

I am so in love with you.

When I walk into your room as you wake up from a nap, you pop your little head up and smile the biggest smile.  You love to snuggle into my neck, and give wet kisses on my cheek.  Your eyes dance when you see your brother, and you love when your Daddy makes you laugh.

You are nearly 6 months old, and yet it feels like you’ve been with us forever.  You have been.  You grew in my heart before you grew under it.

You are my squishy, my baby, my sweet.  I want to hold you forever, rock you in my arms until the sun rises, and kiss your sweet cheeks as you sleep.  You are my second chance at breastfeeding.  You are a nursing rock star, and I am so overwhelmed by the blessing that it is to be able to feed you this way.

I know what your every wiggle and every sigh mean.  We share smiles from across the room.  You are my Ergo baby, my morning companion, the perfect partner for your big brother to play with.  You are rolling and moving and two feet off of the playmat in three seconds flat.  You are chomping on everything and your laugh is the greatest sound ever.  I love getting lost in your eyes and holding your tiny hands.

I will never tire of scooping you up when you cry, and whispering how much I love you.  You slide down my chest and latch on in the darkness, and I am so grateful to the universe that I am able to soothe you this way.  You pat my face while we nurse, and put your fingers in my mouth.  You grin with your eyes.  You kick the chair with that one foot that’s always moving….just like your brother.

You are perfect.  You are the sweetest thing.  You are such a blessing to us.

I love you my Bennie Boo,






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