Perhaps you noticed my (very public) freak-out a few days ago.

The one where my OB calmly told me at 38 weeks that she was going on vacation, my baby was huuuuuuge, and she’d do me a favor by scheduling a C-section for…

Guess where Baby Ben is right now?

Still in my belly.  Enjoying the mid-afternoon snack that I just gave him…..almonds, chocolate babka, and OJ.  Because you know, if he isn’t big enough already, I thought I’d fatten him up a little more.

My amazing doula spent a good 30 minutes talking me down from the ledge on Tuesday, and helping me to figure out some alternative solutions.  I immediately called the “famous among local Mommies” Dr JDH, who for some crazy reason, agreed that taking on a 38 weeks pregnant VBAC mama with a huuuuuuuuge baby was a FINE idea.

I waddled in to his office on Wednesday.  “Feel free to take all the time you need with him” his nurse said.  “We want to  make sure you get all of your questions answered.”

He was kind-faced, full of recent case studies and statistics, and looked at me like I had three eyeballs when I asked him what kind of eviction date he would give this baby.  “You’re a perfect candidate for a VBAC” he said.  “And if your baby is truly 8 or 9 pounds, that is not too big to birth vaginally.”  Did I mention that when he measured me, I was 37……NOT 43 LIKE MY OLD DOCTOR SAID?!  How does that happen?  Fascinating stuff, this birthing business.  Hmmm.

So here we are.  Me, and Ben.  I found the courage to choose my own adventure and switch care providers at 38 weeks, and Ben (hopefully) gets to choose his very own birthday.

Until then, we wait.  We go night-swimming in this crazy heat wave.  And we eat a little more babka.


12 Replies to “Choose Your Own Adventure: OB/GYN”

  1. Kim, you are so brave!! No matter what the end result is (fingers crossed!!), your intention and your determination has been inspirational! I love reading about your journey.

    1. Thank you sweet friend! To be honest, now I’m a little nervous that all of this is out there….so much navel-gazing and talkin’ about how I want so badly to do this…I guess I can’t chicken out now, huh? 😉

      1. I actually think the opposite! Since you have let us in on your journey the result won’t matter as much — or at least in my mind. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed just being along for the ride, no matter what happens that day. I know for sure you will give it your all. But I understand what you are saying too. All anyone wants is healthy safe arrival for you two.

  2. As a mama with a recent successful VBAC and whose baby is named Baby Ben too, I can tell you that you can and will do this all on your own! Follow your deep rooted intuition and commitment to this and you will be fine. The recovery from a VBAC is amazingly wonderful in comparison – I hope you can enjoy the same speedy recovery and much better nursing experience that I have had!

    1. I love hearing positive stories like yours Angela!! Putting that in my “courage bank” to pull out when labor begins 🙂

  3. This will work out. Regardless of HOW he gets out, you will have listened to yourself and to your body and to Ben. I CANNOT WAIT FOR HIM TO GET HERE. I just need to say this: I am proud of you, Kim. I am no big proponent for ANY kind of birth over the other (I’m a proponent for safe births, no matter how they occur); I just want you to have the birth you want to have. And I’m proud of you for taking control and asserting your right to at least try to experience birth the way you’ve imagined it. From here on, nothing matters, really, because you will always have the knowledge that you said wayminit, lemme try.

    1. Arnebya, GOD how I love you 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment….I totally agree with you…in the end, if he’s safe and healthy, that’s all that matters. But it’s also important to me to be able to look back and say that at least I TRIED, so thank you for saying that and “getting” why I’ve been so neurotic about this whole process. And OH THIS CHILD is STILL HANGIN TIGHT?!! The suspense is making me crazy!!

  4. Kim,
    I am so proud of u! We r thinking of u and hoping everything goes smoothly. Love reading ur blog and hope to meet Ben and see max when u r in SD next 🙂
    Mindy and lev

  5. Thank you so much for making your story available to read. I’m in a similar boat and so encouraged by what you’ve chosen to do and what you’re going through. I’m 33wks and worried that my Dr. is not as supportive of the VBAC I want to have. I’m considering changing and was worried it was a little late in the game. You are so inspiring!

  6. Estimates are always off, smaller or larger and babies are built for their mamas. Your body was made to do this. I was getting the switch and bait talk early on in my care, like every time I went to see the doctor, he was rolling back the time on when to schedule the c-section. Fired him. With my VBAC, kiddo was even bigger than her brother and she came out perfectly easy. I cannot believe the scare tactics of some doctors and for their convenience too! SO GOOD for you not to be bullied and fire you provider.

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