I’m 16 weeks pregnant now, but I’ve been writing to this baby for a while.  Here’s a little step back in time, from when I first found out that our family was actually growing:

Dear Little One,

You’re here.  You’re quietly tucked away, nestled in softly, smaller than a pumpkin seed.

You are my secret.   You are my dream of a bigger family, my dream of a tiny sweet sibling for my amazing son.

You are my gift.  The surprise that I fought so hard for.  You are every hope that I have held for the last year.  Let’s be honest….you were in my heart from the moment I met your Daddy.  Just like your brother was.

We are here little one.  We are playing trains and flying superheroes around the living room.  Max is singing Row Row Your Boat in the bathtub.  I am lying awake at night, with a hand on my belly, thinking about how squishy and perfect you will be when you are born.

I am 5 weeks pregnant.  But you  have been with me for so much longer.  You are the last remaining puzzle piece.  You are the final step that completes our family.  You are everything that is right and real and perfect.

You are the big, bold, blue plus sign that showed up immediately on a tiny white stick.  You are the digital “PREGNANT” that stared back at me, after so many long months of frustration and heartache.  You are the tears that poured down my cheeks as I sat on the bathroom floor and sobbed “Thank you.  Thank you, thank you.”.

You are a second chapter for us, and yet, you are a new beginning.

You are ours.  You are so loved.

Please, please stay with us little one.  We are so ready for you.

It’s going to be an amazing journey, and I am grateful for this beautiful chance.

I love you, and I can’t wait to meet you.



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