Many months ago, my Roomie and I devised an elaborate plan for the First Annual Family Sleepover. Susie and Matt had a very important family wedding to attend, and every single one of their grandma-grandpa-aunties was invited too!  Jack and Baby Molly needed a babysitter, and I was absolutely sure that I was the right woman for the job.  I mean, I love them dearly.  And I have my own kid.  So how hard can TWO be?

I was totally confident about my plan, until about a month ago, when I started freaking.the.fuck.out. TWO kids??? At bedtime? How the hell was I going to do that? Jack and Molly are adorable, well-behaved, and super easy-going….but what if I couldn’t figure out how to corral TWO kids in the backyard? TWO kids at dinner? TWO kids in the bath?

Enter, the Magnificent Plan. What’s easier than TWO kids?



I decided to bring my entourage.

Because nothing helps two kids settle down, like adding Max into the mix.  Or something like that.  And if I was going to get my ass kicked by THREE kids, then there’s no way I was going to let Sean stay home and relax by himself.

So began the First Annual Family Sleepover. We started at the local Fire Expo…..


Jack and Max were very clear with the fireman that when the Mommies took them to the firehouse, they got to do way more than just climb into the back of the truck.  But whatever….


By this point, the boys are pros at this….


TWO boys!  TWO boys, walking with Max’s Daddy.  Melts me.



Then suddenly, it was nap time.

Sweet Jack read a few books on the couch and then settled in for a 2 hour nap.  I rocked Molly for about ten minutes and she fell asleep in my arms.  It was the easiest thing ever oh my fucking god is this really how children sleep?  I might have texted Susie something along the lines of “If I ever have another baby, I pray that they nap like a Weiss child.”


Of course Max and I were awake.  No naps for us.  Ever.

But Daddy took advantage of 2/3 of the children passing out…..and joined them.


I won’t lie, I had a major bonding weekend with my beautiful god-daughter.  And it may have included lots of snuggles, picking out outfits, and putting clips in her hair.  Oh my goodness the girl clothes and the girl jammies and the girl blankies and rocking a sweet tiny thing in the rocking chair while she sucks her thumb…..**sigh**


I learned that three kids really isn’t SO scary.  You just take your regular routine, and multiply it….


This bath may have resulted in the absolute destruction of my Roomie’s immaculate bathroom.  Sorry Sus.  And Swimmie the Orange Fish got put on time out.  But that’s another story for another time.

Suddenly, it was actually bedtime.  And they actually went to bed.  And all three, all THREE of these sweet, cherubic children SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT???!!!  What?!!  Oh my god three kids is a piece of CAKE!!!

Look at these gorgeous bedheads at breakfast…..


Did I mention that I got to brush little girl curls and put clips in Miss Molly’s hair??  I.die.


Sean and I were feeling so brave, that we loaded up the tribe and headed out for bagels and coffee.  Do you see the boys in the wagon?  Sharing goldfish crackers, chatting up a storm, trying to drag their hands on the ground and pick up sticks while they rolled along.  I love that they’re best buds, and I love that we got to spend so much time one-on-one with them.


Before we knew it, Aunt Sus and Uncle Matt were home…..and it was time to leave our besties.

I love my roomie’s kids, but I think I love them even MORE after last weekend.  Max feels the same way….


I never thought I’d say this, but THREE?  It kinda rocked!  We had such a great time, and feel so blessed to have such amazing friends, who really are more like family.

Weiss fam, we’ll share bedtime stories, waffles, and wagon strolls with you guys any time!  We love you!  And Sus….I really am sorry about the bathroom.  But have you ever tried to keep THREE kids from drowning each other in the bathtub????  Jesus christ.



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  1. LOL Yeah I’ve had three in the tub at once and it was an utter splashfest but SO MUCH DAMN FUN. My three are so spaced apart now that it’s all close the door, I’m trying to shower, wait until I come out before you come in nonsense. At least the boy still likes snuggles (and naps! WHOO LAWD HE STILL NAPS, KNOCK ALL THE DAMN WOOD!).

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