Oh summer. I usually hate you. Gross, sticky heat. Sunburns. Having to go outside.

I know, I know. I live in California.  So what?

But this summer? It just felt different. I was experiencing it through the eyes of my 3 year old. And when you’re little, sand in your bathing suit is “AWE-uhm!”. As Max would say.

Yesterday we joined the Weiss fam for an afternoon of train tracks and hotwheels cars. Max and Jack bounced off of each other like pinballs, egging each other on like only best friends can do. Max snatches a train from Jack. Jack chases him. Max screams. Roles reverse.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Molly squeals and takes off crawling toward the boys. The moms jump in and intervene, and 3 minutes later the cycle starts all over again. Because they love each other. And it’s kinda fun. They share pizza and messes and a love of the Cars movie. Our families share the history of a dozen or more summers, and the security of always feeling “at home” together. Uncle Matt brings sushi for us, and my Roomie eats pizza with the kids. Old times, only new.

Summer has been good to us this year. We spent the afternoon with friends today, sitting in a foot of lukewarm water in the kiddie pool. My sweet friend and I chatted about preschool and potties and other grown-up things, and our boys splashed and tripped across the tiny pool. They are no longer “new” friends, because we feel so at home with them. They are the kind of “new” friends that you silently thank fate for, because they’re exactly who you would’ve chosen for yourself if you had any say in preschool friendship circles. Oh wait. We do. And our preschool friends are “AWE-uhm”. They so are. So much so that it seems silly to call them “preschool friends”, because they are “want to hang out even when preschool is over because we really like you” friends.  Watching these boys makes me smile from the inside out. They interact with a secret language. Hold hands when they’re both on the verge of wandering away from us. Roar like lions in the same octave. Moms in sunglasses, kids in heavy wet swimsuits. It just felt like the right way to say goodbye to summer. With an ice blended caramel latte from the snackbar afterwards, as the boys chugged chocolate milk and ate pretzels.  Take THAT summer.

Oh, and we had a bounce house.  In our backyard.  For the grown-ups at Sean’s company picnic.  And then we did a “Family Jump”.  Max has no pants on.  And that’s Pop-Pop that we’re talking to on the phone.  In the bounce house.  Yep, we’re “Awe-uhm!”

There’s a cool sea breeze that’s coming through our windows tonight. It’s reminding us that school starts on Friday. There are lunches to be packed, and memories to be tucked away.  Baubee has gone home and her room just seems so empty. There are pictures from our NYC and NJ trip to be edited and sorted through (I have not forgotten about you lovelies, there are just SO many incredible ones to choose from!). I need to stay up late and write Max’s name in Sharpie pen on 4 pairs of underwear/4 pairs of pants/2 shirts and a pair of socks. I’ll check the expiration date on his epi-pen, write a note for his lunchbox, and lay out a cute collared shirt that will go with his cargo shorts. We’ll talk about pointing down when he pees, and yelling loudly for help if he needs someone to wipe him (Yes, you read that right. Had a little drama about that today. News Flash: Potty trained 3 year old’s still need their bottoms wiped by a grown up).

Why yes, I did say “Potty Trained”. Because he is. And it is “AWE-UHM!” So awe-uhm that it may just be the best highlight from the summer.

Actually, it’s not.  (But it’s pretty close).  The best highlight would be all y’all. And the beautiful, warm, sand-in-your-shorts and sunscreen-in-your-eyes memories that you have helped us to make.  You know who you are.  Mamas with their littles on the beach.  Daddies running through the waves with giggling toddlers.  Shared meals.  Great conversation on balmy patios.  Birthday parties and summer camp drop-off.  The Jersey Shore and our tiny California coastal town.  Grandparents and cousins, bedtime stories and coffee with jammies on.

We love you, old friends and new. Family in the East and family in the West. Nights spent sharing wine with friends, and days spent breaking up 3 year old brawls. Congratulations everyone….I think we made it!



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  1. Oh Kim, you are so sweet! What a lovely post about a great summer! I wasn’t sure at first, but the chocolate milk and pretzels make me pretty sure… We think you guys are awesome too and I am so grateful that we met! I so enjoy our time together and I love watching the boys play together! Looking forward to many fun filled summers! 🙂

    P.S. I am totally having insomnia right now. What better to do while my family sleeps than catch up on some internet reading, right?!

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