Too.much.stuff.  Too many wardrobe options to pack.  Too many things rolling around in my brain. Two days left, and then we leave for BlogHer 12.

I have been listening carefully to everyone’s words of wisdom about bringing comfortable shoes. There are breakfasts and sessions and workshops and keynotes and parties and expos and parties and swag to hoarde and parties and…..
…..and I’m still bringing these. Because I am a slave to fashion stupid.  If you see me at BlogHer, please dangle your cute little flats in front of my face tell me you love my shoes.  You can laugh at me behind my back.

Max and I needed a little break today.  Sean was at his wits end with the disgusting state of our house, so I took the little guy and found a zen moment listening to some stoners at the Farmer’s Market play the drums.


While we were gone, Sean did laundry/organized the closet/took out the trash/reorganized the kitchen.  I know, I know….it’s pure dumb luck that I landed this guy.  But at least I’m good for something….like making a cute kid.

Another reason why I need to go to BlogHer 12?


No, not to drink!  To learn how to take better pictures for my blog, of course!  The champagne flute above?  Filled with sweet PINK champagne.  Can you tell?  Of course not.  Because I suck at taking photos, and I use my iPhone.  Is there a workshop for that?  Can I walk there in my patent leather red Dorothy shoes?

The champagne was for our 5 year anniversary.  See?  We still get all fancied up, even 5 years later.


(These pictures are cute, so just ignore the boobage…and focus your attention on the smiling little boy at the bottom of the picture).


In other random, but noteworthy news, I was thisclose to chopping off all of my hair a few days ago.  Thisclose means that I was sitting in the stylist’s chair, begging her to do it.  She offered to make me some pink highlights instead.  I think that there’s a strange phenomenon that us bloggers go through before we head out to a major conference.  Kind of like a “How can I make myself stand out/be different/be liked/be remembered forever” phenomenon.  Remember how I said my head was a mess?  She knows how to soothe the beast.  Thank god.  Because I went home and curled it up, and suddenly LOVED MY LONG HAIR.  Go figure.


Max is ready for our trip to NYC too…..


He’s been reading up on his airplane book with Uncle Scottie.


That is, when he’s not putting fires out at preschool.


Or throwing all of his stuffed animals in the doorway to his room and saying sweetly “Mommy, you can’t come in.  I doing my EX-ercises.”


We’re going to NYC.  Did I mention that?  The lovely folks at the Hilton were less than thrilled with me today, because I called THREE times to try to explain our bed situation.  Let’s just say that we struggle with finding an appropriate bed set-up for Max.  Because he loves to sleep like this….



But you know what?  The Simon family is FLEXIBLE.  The Simon family is UP FOR ADVENTURE.  The Simon family is screaming BLOGHER OR BUST, and packing up our platform shoes and our party headbands, and leavin’ on a jet plane.  So if you see a Mama By The Bay, who looks like her head is going to explode, and she hands you one of these cards?


Reach on out and give her a hug.  Or at least throw a pair of swag flats my way, for goodness sakes!

BlogHer 12 baby!!!  OR BUST!


10 Replies to “My Head Is A Mess”

  1. Um, I own one pair of flat sandals (that I’m so not bringing) and one pair of flip flops (that I might). I am comfortable in my heels and feel odd trying to walk in flats, like my feet don’t understand what the hell is going on. And um, the boobage is actually hot, so, yeah.

    I will admit that I have been considering buying a pair of (gasp!) sneakers to bring in case I want to take a walk in the mornings but that money would be so better used toward more heels.

    1. Um, first off…*blushing* thank you 🙂 2nd, the sneaker money would be better saved for coffee the morning after because holy hell are you really going to be wasting time exercising after the nights of drunken mommy blogger debauchery? I mean, the late nights studying up on The Art of Crafting Brilliant Prose?

  2. 1. Those shoes are fabulous! I also have some very high shoes but they are being saved for parties. During the day I’m wearing my “bedazzled Jesus sandals” as my husband calls them.

    2. There is an Iphonography session! I think it’s on Friday morning. Looking at the photo though I can tell you: you need to set a custom white balance and turn off the flash.

    3. SO SO GLAD YOU DID NOT CUT YOUR HAIR! It’s beautiful.

    4. Max is going to love NYC…he’ll be so tired from his adventures he won’t care where he sleeps. 🙂

    5. I think a visit to an NYC fire house should be on the agenda for Max.

    1. Thank you!! And see? This is why I love my blog friends… I will get myself to the iPhone photo session, AND corner you in the hallway until you tell me what in hell a “custom white balance” setting is! And NYC firehouse is going to be put on Sean’s “Entertain The Boy” list ASAP! See you soon!

  3. I am sooooooo jealous that you get to go! Take lots of notes and snag some extra swag for me. When you return I can grill you for information and beg for cool things. And, it is always better to look good than to feel good dahlin…

    1. Tracy, I’m looking forward to seeing you when I get back! And I will bring some of this mysterious, magical, mythological swag that everyone speaks so highly of 😉

  4. I feel so left out of this whole blogher thing, I’m brand new to it! Well, new to blogging in general really. It sounds like a blast! I’m only 3 hours away from NYC, I’ll have to look into it? But anyway, with shoes that cute, how could you feel okay settling for flats?! Especially the little red and white pair! I subscribed to your blog, you’re really quite witty. I like his in a blogger! Have a safe trip!

  5. Ahhhhh, so excited! Your business cards are adorable!!! As are you and Max of course! You’ve inspired me to try to wear heels at least once! Ok, I’ve run out of exclamation points! I am going to squeeze you up when I see you!

    1. Thank you!! But now I feel bad that I “inspired” you to wear heels…you’ll hate me the next morning! 😉 I CAN’T WAIT to see you!!! And ummm….are you coming early for the PRESIDENT’S speech??

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