Friends, please say hello to “Safety Turtle”. He lives in the projector on Max’s nightstand, and is accompanied every bedtime by the sound of ocean waves crashing. Safety Turtle is my hero. Max was sleeping at 8:10 am this morning. And even though it’s only happened two three times recently, I am giving the credit to the flourescent turtle. There is nothing cuter than walking in to your toddler’s room to wake him up for preschool.  Read that sentence again.  “To wake him up”.  Never thought I’d see the day.  And the cuteness of a sleeping, sweet-cheeked, fleece-jammied, blissed out little boy?  Oh, my heart.  And oh, my brain….on a full 7 hours of straight sleep.

When Mommy sleeps, Mommy feels better.  It’s the simple things.  I’m loving this life.

Max is in preschool.  I’m nursing a coffee that I probably don’t need (I mean c’mon…7 blessed hours, people!).  The young prodigies sitting next to me are (loudly) discussing their upcoming IPO.  (Really dudes….we’re in Starbucks.  Shouldn’t that type of enormous money-making endeavor be discussed in your “quiet voice”?)

Doesn’t matter.  I’m loving this life.  A little guy who drinks milk from a cup.  And kisses himself in department store mirrors.  And shouts “Oooooh!  Cool car!!!” when we walk by a beauty like this.


Hey Mom-Mom!!  Look who’s flossing his teeth!!  Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to run into the back and grab Beth and Dr. R and Dr. D!! 

Perhaps this will make up for that other Simon, the one who cried like a baby when she had to get her teeth cleaned, and forever smeared the family name.   It’s not every day that you have a family member who works in a DENTAL OFFICE, and they bring in another family member who is then reduced to tears on the back patio because “I don’t waaaant to go in!”.  I have a dental phobia people.  Don’t judge me.

But really, don’t you wish your hair looked this cute while you flossed?


And since I’m not at the dentist, I am loving this life.  This one….

The one where my little guy eats popcorn.  And builds a tent out of dining chairs and blankets, while wearing nothing but a diaper.


What’s that on my wrist, you say?  It’s a little BlogHer bling….from me to me.  NYC is next-ever-loving-WEEK y’all!  You shall know me by my nautical bracelet.  Because I am Mama By The Bay.  By the BAY!  Get it??  So if you see me standing in the corner, looking very shy and quiet and NAUTICAL?  Come on over and say hello!  And drag me back in to the conference.  Let’s not have a repeat of that one time at the dentist, ‘kay?

Happy Monday friends!  May your popcorn be caramel, your start-ups go public, and your Safety Turtle stay on all night!


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  1. Zaid has been giving me a run for mah money, the past two nights. He wakes and screams about something outside of the window or a bug on his pants. Um, OK. I do know that perhaps at night the tree can be scary and he doesn’t have curtains. I bought some fabric to make some (that will be lopsided, misshapen, and all sorts of wrong lengths) so we’ll see how that goes.

    I LOVE the safety turtle! We’ve tried to get Z to floss but…mama doesn’t floss often enough to stay on top of his and the girls’ flossing. I used to have a dentist phobia (when I was 16 I was due to have ONE wisdom tooth removed. The dentist believed that all four would bother me eventually, so you’re here, we’ll do them now. Yet, he also believed he could do this without any novocain on the other side. WITH HIS KNEE IN MY STOMACH he took out all four as I thrashed and screamed and clawed and cried. Later he tried to say he thought he’d given me an injection but no. And NO you don’t get to decide what teeth to remove. Ugh. My face is all kinds of balled up now. It took me four years to go back to the dentist (and is why, at 38, I am still sporting braces for the third time)).

    1. That’s definitely enough to give anyone a dental phobia….holy crap Arnebya!! And don’t get me wrong, Max might be flossing but it was his DAD’s idea 😉 So interesting that Zaid is going through similar stuff at night…I wonder if it’s a developmental stage at this age??? It’s like their imaginations are getting the best of them! Be warned though….we put blackout shades on Max’s windows thinking that the darkness would help him sleep….and instead he just freaked the heck out because it was so dark he couldn’t see! Enter….Safety Turtle 😉

  2. Awww, what a sweet post! We LOVE that turtle – in fact we have 3 different kinds (I’m not going to liken it to drugs or anything, but they seem to keep needing a different dose as the weeks go on), one in blue, one in red, one with music. I alternate. Life. Savers.

    I had to go to the dentist today and I am SO not judging your little story (whoever that was!) cause I was crying myself! Hate the dentist!

    PS – I owe you an email, I’m awful! Also, did you turn off Disqus? I was thinking about implementing it myself. Something to chat about at BlogHer!

    1. Carinn, VERY valuable mommy information about rotating them!! Thank you! I can totally see Max being OVER Safety Turtle in a few nights…note to self!! So….Disqus. Ugh. I loved it. I hated it. I begged the blog designer to turn the damn thing off. Apparently with the 2012 version, you can’t moderate comments before they post???? And you also can’t set a default “notify me of follow-up comments” either. So in other words, it was half useless to me. But it’s funny that you mention it, because I’ve been thinking “Shit, I just need a comment plugin like CARINN has…where you can subscribe to comments through WP!” If you find any plugins you like, please share!!!

  3. I just love the turtle and the bracelet is oh so cute can’t wait to see you guys looking to have fun give Max a kiss and tell him Mom Mom loves him.

  4. Sorry forgot love the new site it is beautiful and fun. Also tell Max I am so proud of the flossing what a great job. he is getting so big. He is so awsome maybe he can teach mommie to be brave, he’ll have to get going to the dentist soon, I am sure you are not looking forward to that Love Us All

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