Notice anything new about me??

I know, right?! Steph Anne at Yellow & Savvy Design is MY new hero too!!

We She did an enormous summer re-design for this blog, and ‘It’s A Mad Max World’ is now ‘Mama By The Bay’! Same family, same silly Max, same puke stories.  Same Mama, and same Bay.  New look.  Mama’s got some brand new shoes on!

OK, the whole outfit is new. And I need to say a big public thank you to the ridiculously patient Steph Anne. Especially because our conversations about the redesign went like this:

SA: Can you send me your FTP information?

Me: My WHAT?

SA: Where is your website hosted? Send me your login and I can find your FTP info for you.

Me: (texting Tori) Tor! Where am I hosted? Do you know my login?? What?? I signed up myself? Shit.

and this:

SA: Here is Draft 472. I gave you 7 more examples of the “swirly font”, but I really think the way we had it 29 drafts ago looks the best.

Me: Yeah, I agree.

and this:

Sean: I loooove that business card draft! It looks really cool!

Me: Yeah, but….I was thinking maybe if we put this over here, and that over there, and move that anchor up top and then change that font back to a basic one and then a splash of red right….here….hang on, let me show you the 37 examples I’ve pinned on Pinterest.

SA: Happy to change it!

Me: Sooooo, I’m realizing that the first draft was actually perfect.

In other words, I am 1000 percent sure that I am the most difficult client that Steph Anne has ever had the pleasure of working with. AND I am 1000 percent sure that I really do not have a creative bone in my body.

So indulge me by taking a look around! You’ll notice a few changes, including an email “subscribe” box over there —–> on the right. If you’re so inclined, leave me your info and I’ll make sure you get a pretty lil’ note in your inbox every time I post something new.  For those of you who need your fix of this:


There are also some pretty blue contact buttons up on the top right, in case you want to connect with me on Twitter or FaceBook, or send me a super private top-secret email.  In other words, don’t be shy!  Introduce yourself!

And while I deserve no credit for what the site now looks like, I can say that Steph Anne has created a damn cool new home for me and you and all of y’all to hang out in!!  There’s a few finishing touches that we’re working on, so you’ll notice some things popping up in the next week or so.  But feel free to stop by anytime….I’ll have some cold pink lemonade for you, and maybe even a cookie or three! Let’s sit on the porch together and watch our kids run through the sprinklers!  Happy Summer, and happy “blog-warming”!


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