Once upon a time, there was a family.  A family bound by shared experiences.  Adults who nurtured children, children who laughed and played and ran together.  Children whose roots intertwined as they surfed together, busted their chins open together, camped out in teepees together, shared meals together, and travelled together.  This family tree grew strong, even as the seeds of change were scattered in the wind to places like Nampa, Bend, San Francisco, and San Diego.  The family tree gave shelter.  It provided shade when the children returned, and was a sturdy pillar when they needed something to lean on.

We celebrated new branches of our tree this past weekend, as Cousin Ky married the oh-so-sweet Ambrelle, beneath the trees in Emmett, Idaho.


Even though the winds of spring kicked up with a mighty force, there was still plenty of sunshine on our family tree.  The weekend sparkled with the magic that only weddings can bring.  So many of the people you love, all in one place, all cheering for new beginnings while still holding tight to the “good ol’ days”.  As my little sister reminded us, only a wedding can bring this kind of joy, with this many branches of our tree.


We don’t need to look very far for an incredible example of how love can grow, and how through the years, it is love that remains the same.


These are my people. I have two trees. The branches meet somewhere in the sky, holding hands and reminiscing about the years that bound us all together. I am blessed to have two families, both created with love. With intent. With purpose. With the expectation that we would always be together, sheltering each other from the unexpected storms that came our way.


Do all siblings enjoy each other as much as we do?  I hope so.  Because Katie and Scott are two of the biggest blessings in my life.  Their laughter sustains me.  And yes, for those of you who remember Katie as the tiny toddler who wobbly-walked through our dorm room….this is indeed the same “little” girl.  All grown up, drop-dead gorgeous, genuinely kind, and brilliant.  And holy shit can she put an outfit together.


Ky and Ambrelle joined their hands, and their families, under a beautiful canopy of bursting clouds and lush green trees. Their wedding was overflowing with gorgeous, vintage details, colorful blooming flowers, and tiny sentimental touches. The day described them beautifully. Gentle, peaceful, full of community and family. They took the next step on their journey embraced by their god, their church, and their shared desire to take on the world and do good.


My insanely talented Aunt Cindy created these sublime flower arrangements. She’s like a one-woman Pinterest y’all. Creative.genius.


Ky and Ambrelle thought of so many special little touches. A lace backdrop behind vintage chairs. Their initials on coffee mugs, nestled together. Tiny twinkling lights illuminating the sky at dusk.

Their wedding wrapped everyone in color and calm, while underscoring the important things in life.  Family.  Faith.  Community.  Love.

Max and I like to listen to a song by the Laurie Berkner band that’s all about families. I think that it describes my tree just perfectly.

In a house in a home there are
Sons and daughters
Grandmothers grandfathers
And there’s me me me

In a house in a home there are
Aunties and Uncles
siblings and cousins
And there’s me me me

In a house in a home there are Mothers and fathers, Sisters and brothers.  And there’s me me me

I have a family full of people who love me
People who love me
They take care of me
And I know my family is unlike any other
Your family’s made for you
And mine is made for me


Why yes, that is a pancake machine. Push a button, and out pops your pancake.  And three siblings, all wearing the exact same shade of blue jeans.  And Willis.  Hi Willis!  And….ahem….a little hotel afterparty?  Why yes, those are pajamas!


Love makes a family.  History makes a family.  Shared experiences and years of love and growth make a family. 

Congratulations to my “little” cousin Ky, and his beautiful wife Ambrelle.   I’m so incredibly blessed to have the shelter of this amazing tree.


3 Replies to “Love Makes A Family”

  1. Ah, what a beautiful post!!! So much to love about a wedding and this one seems truly special. Your description of the way families evolve and grow and blend was so touching.

    Thanks for sharing (and ps – can you steal your sister’s necklace for me? I.LOVE.)

  2. I am Ambrelle’s mom, you summed everything up so beautifully! Thank you so much for allowing us to relive this special day in photos and memories. It was such a pleasure to meet all of Ky’s family. I am excited to see what the future holds for this very special young couple!

    1. Christie, thanks so much for your sweet note! It was such a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful family! You were all so kind to us, and we were honored to be a part of Ky and Ambrelle’s celebration weekend! Thank you for making us feel so welcome, and for stopping by here to say hello!!

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