Max: “Owwwwwww!”

Mommy: “What hurts honey?”

Max: “Meeeeee!”

It’s Day 2 of the high-fever-with-no-known-cause Version 2.0, and my poor little guy is miserable.

Max: “I want some noo-noo’s!”

Me: (gets up, makes noodles, brings them to Max’s nest of blankets on the couch)

Max: (crying hysterically) “NOOOOOO!  I want NEW noo-noos!!!  NEW ones!”

Me: (gets up, makes new noodles…the Easy Mac ones, not the rotini with butter and cheese, I mean really, who doesn’t know that?!)  “Here you go honey, the new noodles.”

Max: (takes one bite)  “Nooooo!!!  No noo-noos!”

Me: (dumps both sets of noodles in the trash, along with the sliced banana, buttered toast, goldfish crackers, sliced strawberries, bagel with cream cheese, and other various attempts at nourishing my ailing 3 year old that were met with disdain and then promptly kicked out of my hand by a pissed off, sick toddler)

And then Daddy comes home from his business trip and brings Max 2 bags of airplane pretzels.  Which Max promptly devours, while mumbling “I wove pwetzels Mommy!”.  Go figure.

At least he’s old enough to tell us what hurts.  “My mouth!!  (Throat?)  My back!  My wight here!!”  Ummmm….strep throat?  Appendicitis?  Oh shit…I have no idea.

The first night he was so sick he clung to me as I walked him down to bed.  “I cold Mommy” he shivered, and refused the potty/toothbrush routine that he usually loves.  I sat with him on the floor of his room to read his night-night books, and as I was switching spots with him in bed he literally fell over.  Hit my shin on the way down, curled up tight, and fell asleep.  My crazy active boy never just falls asleep.  I knew he must be sick.

Last night was more of the same.  He layed down in bed, looked up at me and said “Mommy, can you ‘nuh’ (snuggle) me up pwease?”  I snuggled him up under all of his blankets, tucked Ellie the Elephant right beside him, and off to sleep he went.

So here we are, an hour or two of energy breaking through the clouds like sunshine when the Ibuprofen kicks in….and then it’s back to snuggling on the couch and a few rounds of “I want to watch Go-Go Cars!  NOOOOO Mommy!  Not that one!  The NEW one!!!”


Here’s hoping that he’s feeling better by tomorrow….and that our little trip to the petting zoo last weekend didn’t give him the swine bunny flu.

Hang on….Max is calling me.

“Mommy! I need water!”
“Here honey”
“No!!! I need it with ICE!”
“Here you go sweetie, lots of ice.”


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