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The last few weeks have been an amazing journey, and our little corner of Bloggyville has welcomed some new friends (Hi new friends!), but shit…things have been HEAVY over here!

So I figured we need a break from being so serious for a bit.  Go on, put your box of tissues away.  I’ll wait.

That’s better.

Now how ’bout a few Max-isms to go with your morning coffee?  I’m still completely amazed and bewildered by the huge amount of actual words that are coming out of my almost three year old’s mouth.  Real-life sentences, that show exactly how my son’s brain works.  Which worries me a little, when he says:

“Mommy, can I take my head off?”

“Daddy, lay down on the ground so I can rescue you! It an emergency!”

“Did you see the ball?  Oh, it behind me!  Hey ball!”

Of course there’s also the phrases that just.melt.me.  Like when he strays from only using one syllable for each word, and calls me “Mom-MEEE”.  Or when he reaches over and touches my face and says “You look cute!”.  Or when it’s bedtime and he’s rolling around under his Cars blanket singing “scra (scrambled) eggs and potaYO pancakes!”.  He says “You BET!” in agreement, and can sing the entire Bob The Builder song and ALL of the ABC’s.  And when I made a big show of squishing a spider the other day, he yelled over to me “Ma, can I EAT him??!”

It’s impossible to be “heavy” when my little guy shines so much “light”.



4 Replies to “Lighten Up!”

  1. “You look cute”…so sweet and charming. It’s crazy what they pick up and then turn around and send it back your way…inflection and all.

    Sophia is way too young for her own “isms” yet but my niece is 2 and the things she says and how she says them are hilarious.

    1. The funny thing is, I’m used to Max being Sophia’s age, and not answering back! In my mind he’s still the itty bitty baby who just LISTENS to my incessant talking, so I crack up when I hear his little voice pipe up from the backseat and say things like “Mommy, turn the car around. I need you to go left.” Whaaat???

  2. Great post! The things that come out of the mouth of a 3 year old. Especially when they are in bed at night and think they are alone (my boy’s singing melts me every time).

    I have been reading for a few weeks but felt “shy” to give my first comment on a really deep piece. But now that we have broken the ice, I will be in the trenches with you (and may even go back to your last post which I loved).

    1. Welcome!! Your comment made my day…thanks for taking the plunge and commenting for the first time! 🙂 Don’t be shy, I’m glad you’re here in the trenches with us! And yes…the funniest things come out of their mouths when they’re trying to fall asleep. I’ve always thought it’s the best way to learn more about what they did that day, because Max gives a little recap (outloud, to himself) each night in bed!

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