We’re back.  We’re tan.  We survived our vacation to “Paul Spriiiii” (that’s Palm Springs, for those of you not fluent in Max).

Adorable pictures of my two year old in swim trunks and sunglasses will be arriving here shortly, but first…..

BlogHer contacted me about a new way of finding the perfect app, and after using apps for literally every.damn.thing on our trip, I have to share this with you.  Or as Max would say “I neeeeeeeed to!”

The site is called AppSmitten.  You know how you can spend minutes upon minutes searching through the AppStore on your iPhone/iPad/Android?  Going back and forth, reading reviews, scrolling down….while your husband is yelling at you to “just FIND SOMETHING to keep Max occupied already, we haven’t even ordered our dinner yet!”.  Or you’re stuck in traffic in San Diego and you can’t figure out why every.damn.app that says “San Diego traffic” has no valid information about why you are sitting in your car going 3 miles per hour?

AppSmitten finds the apps FOR you.  BEFORE you need them.  It is a MAGIC website.

No really.  It’s one of those sites where you can wander around and get blissfully lost, because all of their information pertains to you.   Until you find yourself saying outloud “Oh, but I neeeeeeed that!”  I can’t imagine where Max gets it from.

The best part?  You can sign up for their newsletter, and someone who GETS what you need will sort through the hundred billion apps that are floating in Internet outer-space, and send you an email with the best ones.  How do they know which ones are the best?  Well, they are magic App Elves.  Maybe not.  But the reviewers are actually experts in each category.  They’ve chosen parents and educators to review the toddler apps.  Travel industry experts to review the travel apps, and so on.  It’s like having a personal app concierge.  It’s like Pandora for your apps, y’all.  And I’ll let you in on a little secret.  When BlogHer contacted me about promoting AppSmitten, I couldn’t wait….because I get hopelessly sucked in to app hell and end up downloading a bunch of random crap that I don’t need.  I’ve been pissing away 99 cents at a time.  But then I went to the AppSmitten website and realized that one of their founders is the incredibly brilliant Ellen Pack.  Who used to be my boss, in my former life.  She’s an entrepreneur, a hardcore business-woman, and a MOM.  She GETS it.  Anything that she puts her energy behind is guaranteed to make your life easier.

Do yourself a favor.  All you do is sign up using your email address, and then choose how often you want them to mail you your very own “best of” apps.  They help you for free.  New apps, old apps, doesn’t matter.  They’re not going to send you crap apps.  Just the good stuff.  Because they get that your toddler is screaming in your ear and you neeeeed your app right now.

I’m all for making life easier.  God knows I could use a little “easy” today.

Disclaimer that makes this all legit:  I’m working with BlogHer and AppSmitten to promote this new site, and will receive a small compensation for newsletter subscribers.  But as you’ve seen here, I only review/promote things I stand behind and choose to use myself.  In this case, something I’ve used about thirty-seven times since I discovered it, and have given my little pink iPhone an app makeover with.  Just sayin’.  Sayonara crap apps.


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