1. Who knew that the stomach flu could look so cute?

2. Do you see that picture of Max sleeping ever so sweetly on the couch? That NEVER happens. Barring a fever of 103.1, my child will not fall asleep without extraordinary measures (car drive, long stroller walk, hours of pleading, etc). It broke my heart that he was so sick, but for a minute (ok, maybe longer) as he slept with his head in my lap and I stroked his hair…I thought “so THIS is what it must be like to have a child with normal sleep habits”. Sigh.

3. My sweet boy has suffered through years of reflux and belly issues. As a result, he is very suspicious of new foods/tastes/textures. So when the doctor asked if he could give Max a Popsicle yesterday, I laughed at him. “You’re welcome to try, but he won’t eat it” I said. Sure enough, Max took one lick, spit it out, and yelled “eew! Yuuuuck!” The doctor acknowledged that this was the first child he had ever met who had turned down a Popsicle.

4. We made a nest of blankets and pillows on the living room rug for Max to snuggle in and watch TV while he’s sick. I have never seen my little boy stay in one place for so long. It’s heartbreaking and endearing, all at once.

5. Thankful for the wonderful stroke of luck/karma/God that didn’t start the puke-fest until after Daddy got home from his business trip. Not sure how I would’ve handled the vomit/sheet-changing/trembling 2 year old who only wanted to be held/force-feeding of medication/oh shit there’s pasta barf in his hair holy hell what the F am I supposed to do NOW?! nights without my partner-in-crime. And I’m sure Sean is thrilled that he made it home just.in.time.


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  1. Poor little bear! It’s horrible, but when my rambunctious kids are sick, they are the most adorable little things in the whole universe. AND it’s the only time I can snuggle them.

    Meanwhile, here’s hoping the pasta hair barf clears up soon.

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