First, I owe a huge thank you to Love Is Not Abuse.  I am honored and humbled that they chose to share this story with their followers, and I am so excited to be one small voice in the chorus of people speaking out against Domestic Violence.

Sean and I were also really blown away by the outpouring of support that we received after so many of you read this post.  It was also a good reminder that I should continue to blog openly about what our parenting journey has FELT like.  Not just the cute pictures of Max, but the gutsier stuff….the truth about how it feels to be a first-time mom.  The gnawing depression and anxiety that has been nipping at my heels as I try to out-run it.  I want to talk more about the aftermath of the tidal wave of health issues that we faced with Max.  The still on a bottle, won’t eat certain textures, major TV addiction because he was never forced to self-soothe, so fucking charming but rarely disciplined because oh my gosh he’s been through so much stuff stuff I’ll talk about it.  And you should too…because I know your secrets.  I know that SO MANY OF YOU are battling the same things.  I want this blog to be a place of healing, of truth-telling, and of cheering each other on.  I hope you’ll join me.

But for now?  I’m loving that my little guy is suddenly TALKING up a storm!

He’s a gentle soul who wanted to play with our New Years crabs, and told us “They sad. They cwy. They want to go home”.


He turned to the little girl standing next to him at gymnastics, brushed her bangs from her face, and said “You hair is in you eyes”.

And then he ran down the mats with his arms spread out, yelling “I Buzz Light-Beer!!”


Of course, I had to find a place to squeeze in the incredibly artistic photo shoot that we had with the Weiss Fam.  We can’t close out the holiday season without the obligatory “Yearly Christmas Tree Photo”.  Except this year?  Well, we had to strap the boys into seatbelts and park their wagon in front of the tree to keep them from running in opposite directions.  And I have a feeling that innocent little Molly is starting her own tradition here…


If memory fails, you can see what the chaos has looked like in years past.  Don’t believe me?  It’s documented here too.  And before the little boys came along, it was the big boys who were the trouble-makers.

Thank goodness they’re old enough to sit perfectly still and smile for the camera.  Or at least Molly is.


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