The blogosphere is abuzz with the sound of Christmas.  Some of my favorite bloggers are hosting Christmas Home Tours.  Otherwise known as “decorate your house within an inch of its life and then brag about it on the internet”.  The Jews can keep up with the Jones’ any day of the week.  I’ll take your stockings and your trees and your ENORMOUS INFLATABLE NATIVITY SCENE and SANTA ON A SURFBOARD (yes neighbors, I am talking to you) and raise you a menorah flanked by some sparkly silver branches, a tinsel-y banister with Max’s hand-made glitter bomb decorations (those are NOT ornaments, just FYI), and some Chanukah blue balls in a glass vase.

And just in case you didn’t know that it’s Chanukah, well here’s our Baubee, hangin’ with us by the Bay, saving the day by dreaming up new games to play with Max and bringing endless reserves of patience and understanding to our chaotic beautiful Chanukah home.  Oh yeah, and she’s ready to make a bazillion latkes and join us in having a glass of Chanukah Cheer.  What’s that you ask?  Chanukah Cheer?


Well, if anyone knows about a glass of good ol’ Cheer, it’s these guys…..


How’s that for the world’s most perfect Weiss-Simon family photo??  We’ve joined forces to welcome the end of December in right.  The holidays can officially begin!


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