Now that Max is “that age”, I find myself saying things that well, only a mother would say….

“We do NOT stick anything in our nose, Max.  If you put anything in your nose you will get a big owie and we will have to go to the doctor”

“If you get out of your seatbelt I will have to pull over RIGHT NOW and I will be VERY ANGRY.”

“We do NOT spit our food on the floor and then eat it up.  No, you are NOT a puppy.  You are a boy.”

And my favorite bath time discussion from this week?  “No Max, we do not put toy cars on our penis.  Toys do not go on your penis”.  Clearly the “we” statement style of discipline makes NO sense, right?

Of course, now that Max’s speech is becoming so much easier to understand, he can pretty much get anything he wants….because he asks in such a sweet way!

“Can we go see the fire trucks pweeeease Ma???”

“You sit by ME Ma.”

“I have FUN at park Ma!”

“Da, you read Things That Go”

And he has his own little agenda….

“I get suitcase.  I go on trip!  See Buh-Buh and Zay!  Bye! See you later!”

“Where Aunt Sus house??  Aunt Suuuuuus!!!  I go see Jack and Bay Moll!  Bay Moll ok Bay Moll!”

So tell us, what does it sound like at YOUR house???



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  1. Oh my word. Seriously. You kill me woman. Too funny. xoxo

    PS – Uhm, hello rock star theme changer and adding your own widgets?! Yay!

    PPS – Oops for being logged in as you when commenting. 🙂 -Tori

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