Happy Thanksgiving!!! As soon as I can locate the very important cord that connects my camera to my computer, I’ll inundate you with pictures of our turkey/stuffing/Baubee’s amazing sweet potato casserole/our beautiful decorations that looked just like Pinterest in my mind, but in our dining room not so much/the family pictures that just might make the holiday cards/the adorable pinecone place setting that my two year old made/proof that my Mom, Terri and I ROCKED our Thanksgiving menu….but for now, I have to show you what I’m absolutely loving this week……

Cousin Aaron is here visiting with Aunt Terri and Uncle Harvey, and Max is thrilled to have his big buddy around! Max calls him “E”. Or “Air”. Except he can’t really say his “r’s”, so it sounds like “Aiiiw”. They do every.darn.thing.together.They feed the bears. They pose for the 314th cell phone camera shot.

Aaron turns Max’s blocks into dinosaurs, and spaceships, and robots.They eat bagels together. At 7 am. GOOD morning.They’re a darn near mirror image of each other. And we are SO lucky to have the AZ Simon Family with us this week!From our house by the bay, to your house across the miles, we hope you had a delicious, warm, SWEET potato casserole kind of Thanksgiving!

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