Dear Baby Adam,
Let me introduce myself. My name is Max, and my Mommy and Aunt Susie and your Mommy are all friends. And this guy down here with the baseball cap on? That’s your pretty awesome Daddy, Ryan. But you’ll just call him Daddy. So here’s your Daddy and our Uncle Matt, and our boy Jack, and me….
Wanna know why we were hangin’ out? It’s because the Mommies were all hanging out with YOU!!! Because you were just born!!! My mom, and Jack’s mom, and YOUR mom got to spend some time together catching up when you were just a few days old, so the big boys made the best of our girl-free time, and did some very “boy” things….like eating pizza.
And sitting by ourselves on bar stools.
And working together to get some yardwork done. Umm, Uncle Matt? Do we get some allowance for this??
Like I was saying, the mommies were visiting with you, and Baby Molly got to go too….because she’s a girl AND a baby. And she can’t eat pizza. Here’s my Mommy with Baby Molly (bad picture of my Mommy, but great one of little Molls).
So Adam, what I’m trying to say is that we’re saving you a seat on one of these bar stools. And a slice of pizza for when you’re a little bit bigger. Your mom and dad are two of the kindest, most thoughtful, genuine, and funny people we know, and we are SO excited that you’re finally here! I know that you have tons of grand adventures ahead of you, and that your folks are going to let you do some really cool stuff. Jack and I can’t wait for you to hang with us and play, but right now, we know that you have some very important things to do first. Like sleep, and eat, and sleep and eat again. And poop, I guess. Jack and I can tell you all about that if you need any pointers. Oh, and the mommies say you’re really cute, too. So eat, sleep, poop, and look cute. And when you’re a little bigger, we’re here to hug it out with you….
By the way, as soon as you’re ready, there’s TOTALLY room for you to ride in this car with us! No really, there is! But no girls allowed. Sorry Molls, I’m just sayin’….. Welcome to our club Baby Adam, welcome to our club!
Love, Max (and my buddy Jack)
We love you Janette, Ryan, and Baby Adam!!!!!!

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