There’s a lot of cozy Fall love goin’ on over here on the Coastside. It’s dang cold, but I love the beginning of a good winter chill. Want to know what else I love?

Two-year old “pirate faces”……

That’s an “arrgh Matey!”, if you can’t tell from the picture. And that’s a “too cool for school” Daddy in the background, in case you were wondering where Max gets his swagger from.

We’ve had some lazy, cozy, go out for breakfast and take a long walk with your coffee afterwards kind of weekends. And I adore them. It’s this kind of family time that keeps me anchored.

Lazy weekends have a whole different meaning now that Max is old enough to really participate. My little boy is suddenly BIG. The other night as we were having our long, drawn-out bedtime process, he told me “No YOU go night-night Ma, I GO TRICK OR TREAT”. He likes to tell me how to drive: “Turn ’round Ma! Go that way!” and likes to choose his own shoes, and shirt, and “I need my COAT!”

My rhetorical questions are being answered now. “Hey Max, can you come with Mommy downstairs for a minute?” “No, I fine. I wait right here.”

I can’t sneak anything past this kid anymore. His beloved “Mousie” got left outside on the deck a few days ago, and got drenched in a rainstorm. I thought that it would be fun to put Mousie in the washing machine. Not so much.

“Mou go ROUND AND ROUND?!” he cried? “Mou, you o-KAY???” It was not my smartest Mommy-move.

But it was really funny.

Funny in that, holy cow I have a two and a half year old and he has his very own thoughts and hopes and questions to bring to the conversation kind of way. And I love every minute of it. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday or a busy Wednesday, I love what our family is becoming….

Here’s to hoping that you find yourself a good winter rainstorm this weekend, and a cozy fire to snuggle your family next to!

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