Max’s “Halloween for Two-Year-Old’s” started out a little like this…. Yes, that’s our garage door. And yes, that is his costume on the ground. We began the evening to the sound of “NO boots! NO jacket! NO HAT!” Then, he calmly picked up his candy bucket, pleasantly announced “Trick Treat!?”, and tried to walk out the door to the garage.

Fortunately, he started to understand the tradition of it all by the time we forced him outside.

Our favorite Bayside Neighbors joined us for the second year in a row, and Max and Will quickly got the hang of walking up to a stranger’s door and taking candy from them. This is a lovely little ritual that we teach our children, isn’t it? Nothing safer than encouraging kids to go to someone’s house and accept treats.

Don’t worry, this was not our front yard. The giant inflatable spider belongs to the neighbors up the block. Don’t be fooled though. Apparently our ‘hood only “goes big” until 7:45 pm. Once the first round of little kids is finished, they deflate the spiders, turn off the lights, lock their doors, and take their FULL SIZE candybars inside. Did the neighborhood watch decide that Halloween ends at 7:45??? Or is this the way to really screw the Jr. High and High School kids that think they can cruise by around 8:30 with no costume and a backpack to hold their candy??

Circa 6:45…..and we realized Max couldn’t really walk in his fireman boots.
Or maybe he was just crashing from the ridiculous amount of peanut butter cups that we let him eat…

Wait…did I say crashing?

We packed it in early and headed home to give out candy. A little hair of the dog, and Max got a second wind…..and ditched the get-up. And had another peanut butter cup. Maybe two.

As our Fireman would say, we hope you all had a very “HAPPY HA-WEEEEEEN!”

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