It’s the morning after Pumpkin Fest, and in true local style, we’re recovering.

After a day of C-list bands, pumpkin cheesecake, a very cool fire truck experience (Max), walk-around mimosas (Mommy), pumpkin beer (Daddy), artichoke hearts, a corndog, and checking out endless booths of useless shit….we’re exhausted. Did you say pumpkin ice cream Captain? Roger. The rig is on it’s way….

Oh, and the giant pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins. Lots of tourists parking on our street and making it impossible to run down to the grocery store to pick up well, anything. 3 hours to just get over the hill. One way in, and one way out folks. So today, we’re listening to a little bluegrass band that’s wafting over our fence from a stage on Main St, and resting up. For next year.


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