Hey Peeps! Look what I did on my summer vacation! Better late than never, right? I went on some pretty cool adventures with my friends….like this trip to Studio Grow! Here I am helping Bailey down the slide….

And here we are again, painting a masterpiece together that we will be selling on EBay for lots of money.

I took a break for a little snack with the gang (Caleb, Bailey, and Nathanael)

And then went back to playing in this fun kitchen….literally. IN the kitchen.

Of course I had a one-man sideways dance party….

I discovered a new love of trains and carousel rides….

And now that my belly likes cheese and tomato sauce again, I can help make pizza!

Sometimes I like to walk around like this, by the way…..

We ended our summer with a great visit from Uncle Michael, Aunt Suzy and cousins Jenna and Kayli!

As you can see, I loved every minute with them!

Again, the sideways pic…as Max would say “So Sah (sorry), so sah”!

Well folks, it feels like Fall around this Pumpkin Capital Of the World. Hang in there with us….there’s more to come!

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