1. Bedtime is BONKERS. A full hour laying in bed with Max while he tosses, turns, crashes, kicks the shit out of the wall, talks to his stuffed “Mousey”, jumps, and generally loses his mind…..while laughing. Interspersed with many moments of genuine cuteness, like cuddling up nose to nose and wrapping his arm around my neck. Whispering to me “Kay, mama, Kay” as he pats my back. Exclaiming that he is now laying “up sigh DOWN” and “I see ma TOES!”

2. We had a great “first date playdate” with some amazing new friends. This little farm was the perfect spot to get to know Alex and her super adorable Milo. We fed some goats…..

And watched these two boys act like they’ve known each other their whole lives. They are kindred spirits. Little mirror images of action, curiosity, sleepless nights, question marks, and exclamation points. Milo has the sweetest little spirit, and his mama? Well, I’m ready for a second, third and fourth date. Alex and I share this bond that was born in the trenches and nurtured on this crazy unexpected journey of raising a little guy who does everything to the extreme.

Egads…..so darn cute. I must convince them to stay here and never move away like they are planning on doing in oh, just a few weeks. Why does this always happen to me, that I meet a great partner in crime and they LEAVE? Do you hear me Siyana’s mommy?.. Do you HEAR me?!

3. Daddy’s home….after a long week away that thankgodknockonwood only included ONE near catastrophe for Mommy and Max. It included a swing, a ten year old, and a terrifying bonk….don’t ask.

4. Apparently I’m the Room Mom. Don’t worry, a completely flipped the fuck out blog post will follow, as soon as I figure out how shy little me is going to rock Room 5 with some awesome room-parenting abilities. Don’t you worry though….I’ve got playdates/cheerleading/teacher wish list fulfilling/Shabbat dinner planning SKILLS yo.

5. Told Max I loved him the other day (because I do this ten million times an hour) and he RESPONDED “me too”!!!!! Me too! Where does he get this??


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