There’s something about these boys that makes my heart swell. Maybe it’s because they came into this world just days apart. Maybe it’s because they are such mirror images of each other. Maybe it’s because they have spent their entire two years doing the exact same things, in the exact same ways. Kind of like Susie and I, without the fireman hats.

Maybe it’s because Susie and Matt are the kind of friends that are, in every way, our family. And then this little girl came along….

And I fell in love with her too. It’s not just that she wears pink tutus, it’s that for every way that Max and Jack are exactly alike, Little Miss Molly is so very different. Of course the love that you have for your best friends kids is enormous. Of course the pride you feel when you watch your own child growing to love your best friends kids, well, that’s enormous too. So when sweet little Jack walked over to me with a card in his hand, and that card asked me if I would be Molly’s godmother…..there are just no.darn.words that can describe what that felt like. So I’ll just sit here and cry for a minute, and figure out what to say.

Of course I am honored, and blown away, and so deeply grateful that Susie and Matt would trust me enough to play such an important role in Molly’s life. But I’m also floored by the beautiful responsibility of holding this sweet little baby’s hand as she grows into a little girl who is strong, kind, funny, and brilliant. The honor and joy that brings me is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I have learned so much from my Roomie, and there are so many “girl things” that we’ve shared. To be asked to share that with Susie’s sweet girl….well that’s a full circle moment that makes me smile every darn time I think about it. And I’m Jewish y’all. So it’s extra special to be asked!

Watching these boys love on her makes my eyes tear up. Because it means that the gang is growing. And when they get as close as they can to her and hold her hand, and kiss her head, and are fascinated by every little toe, it makes me think about Jack and Max kicking the ass of any guy who ever does her wrong.
You can’t hear what Max is saying in this video, but it was DARLING. “So nice, Bay Moll (Baby Molly), so nice”. As he touched her leg, and her arm, and her head. Oh my GOD. If this doesn’t make me want to have another baby……CRIPE.

Like I said…..they’re besties.

They help eachother out. And even though we are so lucky to be spending so much time with them this summer, I get all weepy and sentimental every time we do!

This feels like home to us.

Can’t you just imagine them sitting in their chairs watching a game together 15 years from now?
Yelling at Molly to put a longer skirt on before she goes out, or they’ll have to kick some guy’s ass?! Just kidding Matt…..Molly won’t be allowed to wear skirts until she heads off to Stanford.

This is how best friends begin….

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