How many of you have been sucked in to the world of Mommy Blogs??

We used to have to drive Max around the neighborhood every night to get him to fall asleep. I’d be so tired, and bored, and feeling so alone….so I’d look in all of our neighbor’s windows as I drove by. Sort of makes me sound like a stalker, but don’t worry neighbor who leaves your Christmas lights up till February and has the awesome spiral staircase and the crazy piece of artwork hanging in your front room…I’m just imagining what your life is like from right here, inside my SUV, with my baby snoring in the back.

That’s kind of what it’s like to read Mommy Blogs. It’s like looking in someone’s window. So I read because I’m nosy, I suppose. But also because it takes a village, and it’s nice to know how the village feels about things like potty training/preschool/what to have for lunch. Blogging is Parenting in Public, and I have learned so much from other parents by “driving by” their blogs.

Today at Kelly’s Korner, she’s asking everyone to write about their favorite blogs. So let’s start with hers. I love that she invites her readers to “Show Us Your Life”. Her blog is a meeting place for moms, and even though she is a Southern Belle/Jesus-loving/Mommy of two girls, I think we may be soul sisters. Don’t laugh. I may be a California Girl/Jewish Princess/Mommy of a very active boy, but I have Southern charm/crockpot recipes/embroidered monograms/a really adorable blond bob haircut in my BLOOD, y’all! I do. Somewhere.

I also read Tiffany’s blog, but I actually know her in real life. Tiffany’s blog is a mother’s love letter, and has taught me so many things. It’s because of Tiffany that I have a new understanding of loss and grief, and how to support a friend who has lost a child. It’s because of Tiffany that my knowledge of birth, and breastfeeding, and attachment parenting has grown. Tiffany makes me want to try for a VBAC if if if we were to ever have a second child. She makes me think that I could be a nursing GODDESS with all of the knowledge that I’ve gained. And even though she is WAY cooler than I am, I like to think that her and I are soul sisters too.

While we’re at it, I love Enjoying The Small Things for Kelle’s amazing photography and beautiful essays about mothering. OK, and because she has great hair and a unique, eclectic style that inspires me to re-decorate my house. Or spend a ton of money on Etsy.

Kayla Aimee’s blog is uplifting and raw, as she tells the story of her sweet baby girl who was born too early. She tells the story of her daughter’s journey with honesty and insight, and she’s crafty too. She sees motherhood with an eye for hilarity….I laugh out loud when I’m reading about her new-parent adventures.

See? Now I can’t stop telling you about my blog-world “friends”! Oh dear, you’re going to think I’m insane. Please tell me I’m not the only one who reads Mommy Blogs?

Because I have a few more left….

I’ve been following Logan’s courageous journey as he battles cancer, and this little boy and his brave mama have taught me so much about the power of prayer (I know…and I’m Jewish!) and the strength that a family can have. We could all learn from Logan, and his smile has a million things to tell this world.

I’ve loved Amalah, and oooh….wait….one more! And this one is a biggie. We have a family friend named Robyn who is just the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful girl. She’s in college, and her family and our family have known eachother since the parents were little girls. Robyn was in a serious car accident two weeks ago, and is fighting her way out of a coma. Her family just created a website, and it would be great to have as many prayers/thoughts/”you can do it” cheers headed their way.

OK….those are some of the windows that I’ve been driving by. Thanks for driving by ours. And thanks for not honking. Max is sleeping (in his big boy bed! by himself! what???!!!!) and I wouldn’t want you to wake him up. Now can you PLEASE take down your Christmas lights??


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