Did you miss us? Well, you’re not going to believe this, but we moved. Again.

Hence the sound of crickets chirping over here on the blog…..

But we’re back now, and we’re better than ever. And we have a huge backyard, and some extra square footage, and a broken heater, and an unexpected power outage. It’s not even Irene’s fault. That’s another story for another time, though. Don’t worry…it’s coming!

Until then, can I brag a little about Max’s amazing plane ride on the way home from San Diego?

I was amazed. Overjoyed. Insanely proud.


Who knew that this little guy

Would be the best traveling companion ever?

We found our groove, Max and I. We talked ourselves calmly through security. Bottles out and in the bin, shoes off, patient directions about being Mommy’s helper and staying close.

We have an airplane routine now. Window seat for Max. He yells out the letters he spies on the wing, watches the world float by, sits safely strapped in to his special airplane belt. Bottle when the plane “goes up, up, up”, iPad with the “George mooo(movie)”, bag of airline pretzels in his lap. I kept a bag of random little toys to surprise him with on the descent, when we had to put the iPad away. Matchbox cars, Barrel of Monkeys, and a small container of colored cotton ball “puffies” that we played hide and find with (“Look, it’s in your sock! Your pocket!”)

Makes me cocky, actually.

“Don’t worry, getting through security is the hardest part” I say over my shoulder, to the new mom who just asked me if she really has to take her 9 week old out of the stroller to go through the metal detector.

“oh no, I got this” I said, as the kind older gentleman offered to fold my stroller at the end of the jetway.

I felt confident, almost LIGHT-hearted about the whole thing. I mean, the kid sat and watched his movie and ate airline pretzels out of a bag for cripes sake….MY KID!

That’s our summer vacation folks, and now we’re home sweet (new) home. Ummm….where do you think you’re going???


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  1. Awesome. Again, reminds me of Milo. Take him somewhere adventurous and out of the ordinary, and he rocks. Home, trying to get through a normal routine, is like pulling teeth or skinning the boy alive. I think the rule of thumb is, the more preparation it takes to leave the house and get somewhere, the easier that experience is once you are there.

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