We did it! A week in San Diego, just Max and Mommy, with more than a little help from our amazing family.

It felt like this….

Max snuggled with Baubee, helped Zaydee “work”,

and went on his first carousel ride with Aunt Kay-Kay.

He loved every minute of it….

We played with Nana Nancy and Max met sweet Aunt Cindy for the very first time. Uncle Scott and Jo-Jo gave Max lots of tickles and attention, and we walked the boardwalk with my dear friend Anna and her husband Tyler.

San Diego kept Max’s attention. There were fountains to splash in…

and drink from (oops!)….

See the hotel poking up in the sky, to Max’s right? In my younger days (as in, pre-toddler drinking from the fountain) we used to go for drinks at the bar at the very top of that hotel. Killer view of the bay.

This is San Diego from Max’s point of view….

Aren’t you wondering who took these brilliant pictures? It’s this gorgeous little sister of mine.

Yes, she’s DRIVING. Just a few months away from getting her actual, real-life, now-I’m-16 DRIVER’S LICENSE. She’s a patient, calm, focused driver. Just like her big sister. Stop laughing. I’m serious. She gets her skills from me. OK, she’s a waaay better driver than me. Especially because she can park between the lines.

We love you San Diego!


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