I had every intention of writing a sappy, sentimental story about the Full Circle Moment that we had while attending our first Family Shabbat Picnic at Max’s preschool. You know, something about how I sang all of these songs as a camp counselor for 5 amazing college summers. I loved my campers like Max’s teachers love him. He is learning to sing in Hebrew, and the words that he dances along to will make the memories that shape his life. That kind of stuff.

But watching him dance right in front of Teacher Zach was just too damn funny. I know, I know…he gets his moves from his Mama….

(Yes, the video is on it’s side. Yes, that’s embarassing now that this blog is all PUBLIC and everything. But just because we’re wanna-be blog gangstas now doesn’t mean that we can figure out how to edit the video and put it right side up…so quit your whining and tilt your head to the side….see? Looks fine now!)

Some would call this creativity, some would say he’s a little left of center. I say he’s ALL MINE!


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