In the spirit of being honest and open, and encouraging all of you to feel a little less alone, I thought I’d share some secrets. Wanna know a big one?

About two weeks ago, I bought a six pack of Kraft Easy Mac bowls. They’re all gone. I may have eaten one myself, but the other five? Yep, I let my toddler eat instant noodles and powdered cheese for FIVE different meals in the last two weeks.

We’re calling this post “Mommy Confessions”, because I know you have some of your own.

I don’t for a minute think that I am the only mom who doesn’t bathe my toddler every. single. day. OK, sometimes……I go for three days. I know?! Right!

I let Max watch TV. I justify it by saying that it’s only PBS shows. But now it’s also Nick Jr. And every time they have that “Preschool on TV” commercial (you know, where they say that watching their crappy programming is like “Preschool on TV”) I feel even worse….because of COURSE it’s not preschool on TV. I took Developmental Psychology in college. I know that the glazed look that Max gets when Diego is teaching him Espanol is not the same as real life human interaction. Which honestly, I am sometimes too tired to do for all 14 hours that he is awake every day. Enter The Fresh Beat Band, stage right. For all of my Uppies who are reading this blog, The Fresh Beat Band is like a REALLY BAD VERSION of Up With People, but with the same jazz hands and horribly catchy songs. But I digress….

I often give Max canned vegetables because it is SO much easier.

Sometimes I make Max leave the park when he’s not ready, because I am tired of chasing him up and down and around the enormous play structure that he could really hurt himself on. Who the hell makes a play structure with huge holes that toddlers can fall through anyway?

I worry about EVERYthing. I’m afraid that Max will fall out the window. I’m afraid that he will choke on a grape or slip in the bathtub and crack his head open on the stupid soap dish that should never be in that spot on the wall to begin with. Max is two years old and he still sleeps with the motion sensor monitor on his crib, because I am terrified of SIDS. Or that someone will break in in the middle of the night and try to steal him. Maybe I watch too much TV.

And you? I’m sure you’ve had a day where you made your kid leave the beach after ten minutes because you totally forgot to bring sunscreen. Or you made sure that you saved all the good, healthy snacks for Tuesday when your kid will be eating lunch at preschool….you know, so the teachers can see him munching on bell pepper strips and hummus, instead of the powdered cheese and instant noodles that he may have had five (five!!) times in the last two weeks.

So fess up Mommies! I know that you have some confessions of your own, and if you comment HERE on this blog, instead of on Facebook….you’ll have the option of staying anonymous….

Anyone else ever let their kid stay in PJ’s and a cowboy hat all day, and then blow bubbles in the living room?
Or grabbed your toddler’s dirty socks out of the laundry because you were too lazy to run upstairs and grab clean ones for him to wear? (Really…he’s two….it’s not like he sweats in them and they get all nasty or anything).

Go ahead….I’ll tell you more of mine if you tell me yours….


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  1. I just typed a million word comment(description of my life) and it was lost as I tried to log in to post it……Sigh.

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