Dear Max,

You began like this…. So isn’t it just a little understandable that tonight, on the eve of your first day of preschool, I would feel a wave of mixed emotions about sending you off into a community that will be all your own?

The thoughts started coming one by one as your Dad and I sat holding hands at our first “Preschool Parent’s Open House”. The Director warned us that there would be lots of tears on the first day. She meant yours, but I could feel my eyes start to betray me in a room full of parents, and I had to fight back my own tears. And then she talked about Pajama Day, and having a Teddy Bear Picnic. And music time, and gymnastics time, and water play. Suddenly, your Daddy and I realized that you really are growing up. How lucky you are to have this new adventure!

Last Friday we went to check out your classroom together, and you were IN HEAVEN. You darted from the box of legos to the play kitchen, to the rice table, and back to the airplanes again. You were shocked when you were actually allowed to take the caps off of every single marker, and draw on the huge piece of paper at the art table. You had a cubby with your name on it, and a little fish cut out of construction paper that said your name too. You are one of the many fish that make up this new class. This is your place. I stood a few paces back to watch how you interacted on your own, and it only took a minute before you confidently walked up to your new teacher and asked HER for help….not me. You decided to put the toy airplane in the rice table (where it didn’t belong), and pretty soon your new friends were helping you to fill it to the top with rice. You were amazed at the baskets and baskets of sand toys outside, and climbed all through the new play structure and didn’t want to leave. My hope is that tomorrow, when you get to stay at preschool by yourself, that you will be so busy having fun that you forget to be sad that I’m not there.

I want you to have this success, Max. You are my smart, social, sweet little boy. You are curious. You are a kind friend. You are everything that I wanted you to be. You have everything that you need to have a wonderful time at your new “school”.

When we left your classroom together on Friday I told you how very proud I am of you. “We did it!” I said, and you gave me a “pow”. “You’re my big boy” I whispered. And I hugged you tight.

You will do so well my love. Congratulations on your new adventure….Mommy and Daddy are stepping on to the sidelines for this one, cheering you on.




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