Dear Daddy,

You make me happy.

I’m glad that you’re 40.

Wanna know why?

Because it means that you’ve seen enough of life to know how to be a good Daddy.

We’re buddies, me and you. I look for you around every corner. I want to wear my hat like you. I want to work on the computer like you. I want to cook like you.

You make me laugh, and you are the only one who makes me squeal in that high-pitched, losing control way that makes Mommy’s heart feel good when she hears us from the other room. Oh yeah, she listens to us through the baby monitor sometimes. Because she loves the way you talk to me, and the secret things that we discuss.

You have faith in me. You know that even though I’m only 2, I’m capable of doing some really big boy things.

We go cool places….like the zoo. And even though I was mostly interested in picking up sticks and climbing fences, you still held me up to see the sights….

I think there’s a bear over there on the left…..

I know that as I get older you’ll be there to teach me some very important things. Like how to hold a glove and catch a ball…

I’m here to learn Daddy. Anything you want to teach me. As long as I’m by your side,

I can do anything at all.

You and me, Daddy? We’re going places…..

Happy Birthday to the guy who takes me for bike rides and goes really fast. The guy who shares my love for blueberries. The guy who calls me “Dude” and “Maximum”. The guy who lets me sit in his lap and pretend I’m driving his car. The guy who snuggles with me when I’m trying to fall asleep, and reads me stories like he really cares that “the old lady is whispering hush” for the 22nd time. My Daddy. He’s 40 today peeps! And we couldn’t be any luckier….because we think he’s AMAZING.

We love you Daddy!!!!


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