For Mother’s Day, Max and Daddy got me a pink beach cruiser. Yeah, I feel pretty swanky riding it. And the best part? Max got this super cool “bike trailer thingy” so that he can ride in style behind our bikes….. Let’s just say he LOVES it. As in, tolerates wearing a helmet loves it. Lets Daddy buckle him in loves it. Yells “Go, Go!” and then when you stop your bike to ask him if he’s ok he yells “Kay! Go, Go!!” loves it.
I had high expectations for our first “family bike ride”. I made Sean take pictures of me in my new silver helmet, sitting pretty on the pink cruiser. We took off down the driveway and headed out to the trail that runs behind our house and along the beach. I’m cruisin, Max is smiling and yelling “Hi” from his little nest in the trailer. It’s a gorgeous 60 degrees. And I’m pretty impressed with myself because I can actually ride a bike. It’s easier to be impressed with yourself when you have low expectations. So there we are, the picture of perfect family togetherness, and suddenly the wind picks up. And Sean points out to me that “It might be a little harder for you to pedal into the wind since you don’t have any gears on your bike”. Gears? Different speeds? This thing doesn’t even have hand brakes, you just pedal backwards to stop like you did on your tricycle when you were five. But hey folks, it looks cool, and fuck….it’s pink! Guess how much that matters when you’re being hit by gale force winds while you’re pedaling like MAD to keep up with your husband and baby son who are now dissapearing into the distance? Um, it doesn’t. And those of you who know me know that I do not exercise. No, really. Not ever. But I’ll be damned if I am going to get off of this bike and WALK. IT. Not me. I did a 17 mile bike ride when I was 4 days pregnant people. Had no idea that the little guy was with me then, and honestly, had no idea that our bike ride was going to be 17 fucking miles up and down hills, but I couldn’t stop then and I wasn’t going to stop now. So after finally catching up with Sean, and yelling into the wind “Really?! You bought me a bike with ONE SPEED???” to which he replied “But it’s PINK!!”, we headed home. “You want to do a few laps around the neighborhood?” he asked. “Ummmm….I think Max’s helmet is falling over his eyes” I said…..probably time to go home. And catch my breath.
Stay off the road folks, the Simon family is headed to a bike trail near you!


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  1. I was DYING reading this. Oh my god. I can just picture it…I mean, not really, since I could barely believe you rode a bike LAST TIME, so I have NO idea what made Sean think this was a good idea but HA! GOOD JOB! I am so glad you proved me wrong! Way to work it girl. 😉 Tell Sean they make 3 speed cruisers. That's what mine is – and it's pink! Maybe I can bring my bike up and we can ride together? (KIDDING – I'd rather sit and EAT.) Let's make plans for soon. 🙂

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