On June 1st, our dear friends Susie, Matt, and big brother Jack welcomed the darling Molly Ann Weiss into the world!!! Since Jack and Max were born a mere 5 days apart, I wasn’t exactly able to make it to the hospital in time when he was born. You know, recovering from a c-section and parenting a newborn and all. But THIS time, I was determined to be there to welcome Molly and give her brave mama a huge hug.

My roomie is a birthing MACHINE. This woman is strong, beautiful, and way tougher than I could ever imagine myself to be. I was so blessed to be there to celebrate with them, and I have to laugh at this picture because here Sus just birthed this gorgeous little girl, and she’s letting ME hold her 🙂 Had to get my baby snuggles in….Miss Molly is just SO cute!

And big brother Jack? He was so kind and sweet to his new little sister, and gave her the nicest kisses and hugs…

Proud Papa Matt gets a lot of credit too….not just for driving the back road to a random hospital at 3 am (apparently a full moon means that every hospital within 50 miles was completely full with women in labor), but for being such a warm, doting, PRESENT dad. All. The. Time.

And for being kinda funny too….

This little girl is going to change some lives, I’m sure of it….

So Weiss family, from our hearts to yours, we wish you endless adventures as you begin this new journey as a family of FOUR. We wish you laughter, warm summer nights in the backyard, the joys of experiencing all of those “baby firsts”, and yes Sus, some frilly flower hairclips, pink tutus, and shiny black maryjanes. Matt, you are SO SCREWED.

But most of all, we wish you endless love, abounding joy, and well…..some sleep……

CONGRATULATIONS DEAR FRIENDS! We are so thrilled for you!!!

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