We’re looking pretty grown-up here, aren’t we? I mean, Max is too, of course, but keep in mind that Cafe 976 was Mommy’s favorite hang-out spot when she was 16….so yeah, back with a hubby and a toddler…that’s pretty darn grown-up.

Max requested a double hazelnut white mocha, but they carded him and realized he wasn’t quite old enough….

Fortunately, Zaydee was an even better Barista, and let Max make his OWN dang coffee…
Max found the perfect look-out spot at Baubee and Zaydee’s house….Baubee taught him how to look out all of the windows for bunny rabbits, and every day you could hear him yelling “buuuuh?” for bunny.

My little guy, and a great big skyline….

We had so many other wonderful adventures that didn’t get documented on camera (because I suck, that’s why). We visited with Aunt Katie and Nana Nancy, and saw their new house and Katie’s “big kid school”. She showed Max off to all of her friends and teachers, and let him fake a presentation in the assembly area. We got to see Katie at dance class, and Max LOVED watching her “Go go go” and “jump!”. He was fascinated by the music, the class full of 30+ teenagers, and the teacher with a mohawk 🙂 Every time Katie would finish a dance move, Max would clap for her and yell “Yay! Kay-Kay, go go go!”. We miss Nana Nancy and Aunt Kay-Kay….and hope that they can come up to visit us soon! And while we’re on the subject….ahem….SOMEONE just got their driver’s permit!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO AUNT KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so proud of you!!!!! Max sends you a very loud, very excited “Vrooom-Vroom!!!”

Stay tuned for San Diego Part 2: The Wedding…..better known as “Baubee and Zaydee’s Excellent Adventure with Max!”

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