1. San Diego was AMAZING. Though you wouldn’t know that, because you haven’t seen a single picture or read a single blog post about it yet. My bad. I promise to take care of that in the very near future, so that you can share our grand adventure with us.

2. Max’s new word? “Groooosss”. As in, poke his finger in whatever he’s refusing to eat, push it around his plate, and declare it “Groooossss”. As in, lean over and SPIT on the nasty piece of dried bubble gum he discovered on the sidewalk, and declare it “Groooossss”. Really? What biological piece of being a boy teaches an almost two year old to SPIT on something?

3. I think potty training may be on our horizon. A far away horizon that you can only see through the fog, but still, you catch glimpses of it. Why? Because Max is trying to wipe himself any time he enters a bathroom. And because he can say poo-poo, and he grabs his crotch and “pretends” like he needs to go to the bathroom. I’m hoping that we can avoid this process until after Max starts sleeping through the night. And not vomiting. I mean, I can only handle so many things at once. But I have a funny feeling that this adventure may be happening sooner rather than later. The horizon is starting to become really clear.

4. BEST. MORNING. EVER. Today. Took Max for a walk downtown. He said “Hi” and “Bye” to the baby chicks/ducks at the Feed and Fuel. Then we sat together on a beautiful sunny patio and had lunch, while listening to a guy play his guitar and sing. Max sat on my lap, leaned back into me, munched on his bread, and just listened to the music. And every few minutes he’d grab my arm and wrap it around his tummy and snuggle in. These are the kind of moments that you dream of when you think about being a mom.

5. Restaurants? With a toddler? Um, yes! Max apparently decided that he would turn over a new leaf while we were traveling. The kind of leaf that sits calmly in a high chair or booster seat and eats an entire meal so that his friends and family can enjoy theirs too. No joke, the morning we ate a monster brunch, Sean and I actually finished before Max did!

So there’s your Five for Friday. Keep your fingers crossed for Max to have good naps and good nights, and I’ll surely be posting more!


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