Years ago, when I journaled with a spiral-bound notebook and a blue pen, lying sprawled across my bed with some good “writing music” on (think angst rock, or chick power music….Heart, anyone?), I kept what I called the “Happy List” in the back of my journal. It was a few pages of random things that made me smile. Things like “the way my new shampoo smells”, and “the sound of my baby sister laughing out loud”. It would serve as a much-needed antithesis to the drama of my dating days, and I would refer back to it every time I needed a pick-me-up. If I had that list scrawled across the back of this journal, I might add some of the moments that we had this past week. Aunt Katie came to visit, and this girl is WISE. And KIND. And FUNNY. And so poised, and resilient, and beautiful. And DAMN she takes the most amazing photos. She captured Max in all of his “I’m exploring the world and it’s my very own Happy List moment” way…. And she helped us to chronicle our adventures….because Mommy isn’t usually on this side of the camera…

This little guy is a living, breathing, every second Happy Moment.

And he never stops taking it all in…

Shouldn’t we all see the world like this?

Feeling blessed today to have had so much time with my family this past week. And feeling a little sad that there will be more medical tests and doctor things next week for our little soldier. But flipping to the back of the journal all the same, and shining some light on what matters most.

If you’d like, comment away and tell me what your Happy Moment looked like this week….

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