Thanks. For thinking of us.

No, really. I’m being serious.

When you call, or text, or email just to say hi. When you invite us places even though you know we might not be able to go. When you send us a birthday party invitation, or stop by my Facebook page to say hello, or ask us on a last-minute playdate to the zoo even though you know we might not be able to get our shit together and go. When you email me to ask if I will co-host something very special for someone very special, and my heart leaps because I am so thrilled that you just KNEW that I wanted to do it but couldn’t figure out how. I needed that. And you knew that. You all knew that, because you are all amazing women. THANKS for thinking of us. And really, I mean this from the very bottom of my stressed-out Mom heart.

Max’s Baubee likes to say “You have to be a friend to make a friend”. I haven’t been great at the first part lately. I’ve been out of touch, terrible about emails, feeling isolated and like no one understands that this is so hard how come I’m the only one with a kid who doesn’t sleep I can’t go one more night being barfed on how can a boy so amazing be so exhausting this is not what I expected parenthood to be but it is and now I’m used to it and my new normal means that I spend every free second enjoying him/planning allergy-free meals/giving him meds/helping him to get his energy out/singing and dancing/loving his every move and the sound of his tiny voice but at the end of the day I have nothing left. Nothing.

And yet, you still call. You still ask us to go places, even though most of the time we say no. And my heart breaks a little when I think about how one day you might stop asking. Because I haven’t always been great at making friends, and yet HOW LUCKY I AM that I have found some wonderful, incredible women who are my dearest and closest friends. What we have built together over the years has become the foundation of who I am. And I thank God for friends like you, because you make me feel like we still exist. And that there will be a day, when Max is feeling better and I am feeling like a normal person, where we will say YES, LET’S PLAY! And I will feel like a better Mom for keeping our friendships going.

But right now? Please know that I am dead serious when I say THANK YOU. Thanks for thinking of us. It means more than you know.


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