Dear Jack,
I know that our Mommies talk a lot about how neat it is that we’re best friends, but I wanted to tell you myself. Now that we’re getting big, it really is great to have a buddy who likes to do the same things as me! We’re the same size, we say the same words, and we both like being as rascally as possible.
Here we are thinking very deeply about how to get ourselves out of this jam….
Yeah, that’s right….just push me a little to the left, and then we can get out of here and go eat some crackers!

I think in this picture you were trying to wash my hair with your shampoo. Don’t worry, I made sure to take a bath before we came over!

See what I mean about being good buddies? You’re always really thoughtful, like here, when you’re making sure that I have something to drink! You must get that “good host” thing from your Mom and Dad!! I think you’re gonna make an AWESOME big brother!!!
Here’s where we showed our moms that we know how to do “Cheers”! Just like at The Library, right Aunt Susie????

And then we drink up!

Hey Jack, next round’s on me bro!

So like I was saying friend, thanks for being a pal! You and your family have helped us through a lot of stuff, and we just wanted to say that we love you! Is that too mushy for one dude to say to another? Oh well, my mom made me do it!
See you soon buddy!

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