1. We still have to drive around to get Max to sleep. Every nap. Every night-time. I’m a one-woman neighborhood watch program. I know who’s home, who has a new car, whose kids are out past curfew. I dare someone to burglarize our ‘hood, cause I’m out there and I will be the one to bring you down. Really. Someone please break into a car or something so that I can put all my driving around to good use.

2. Max “helped” me fold the laundry this week by taking clothes out of the basket, giving them a good shake, and then putting them in a pile. At first I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, but pay attention to how you fold laundry next time….see the shake?

3. Max ate 2 bites of blue crayon yesterday. He ran away too fast, and I couldn’t catch him before he chomped down. Doesn’t help that he was yelling “No! Hide!” Inappropriate response was to tackle him, grab crayon, and then laugh hysterically when he had bright blue saliva dripping out of his mouth. I will not be adding this to the food log that we show the GI doc.



Ok, I lied. It’s actually 6 For Friday….



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