Dear Max,

You’re big. Really. You are officially a toddler boy. And I am overwhelmed with gratititude, love, and laughter as I watch you enjoy every minute spent hiding under your tent….

Peeking out at the world….

being silly on purpose….

and dreaming up new games to play….

You are thoughtful and curious. You walk your train tracks over to the windowsill one by one, and then race your train up the wall.
You have learned to “dunk” your ball in the basket (yesterday you said to me “Dunk ball!”), and you know how to “roll” it vs. how to “throw” it and “kick” it. We play “kick” in the living room, and you take my hand and tell me “walk” as you lead me over to where you want to play. You have so many new words, like “cupcake” and “slide”. When I tried to give you your bottle yesterday you said very forcefully “NO thank you”! And best of all, you reach out and put your hand on my chest and say “love”. Well, it’s your own word for love, because it sounds like “oooof”. Of course there are the oldies but goodies too…like “booooo” for blueberries and “chick” for chicken. You love your new friend “Si-Si”, and when we played at her house you both ran up and down the hallway cracking each other up. You with your “marching run” and S. with her dancing wiggle. I am so proud that you are a sweet friend and that we are blessed with knowing so many wonderful families. Even though you dumped water on each other at the water table. S. wiped your mouth for you when you ate some bubbles by mistake, and you gently closed the door of the play car when she sat in it. I love watching you learn about being a friend.

My days are better with you in them. They are what I dreamed about when I thought of being a mom. And sometimes they’re nothing like what I imagined. But that’s OK. We’re making our way…..
Look closely at what’s on his fingers…he walked all around like that for a while!

The other night you slept beside me in bed, and when you were sound asleep you started whispering. “Mo-Mo?” you said, in a tiny quiet voice. You must’ve been dreaming about Smoky the cat (you call him Mo-Mo) who sometimes visits our backyard. And then you said “Da-Da”. I don’t know what your dream was, but I love that your little imagination is still at work, even when you are sleeping. We’ve had some nights recently where you have amazed us with your sleep. Some nights where you have gone to bed in your crib, and woken up in your crib. Some nights where you have slept straight through. I am so ridiculously proud of you, and so unbelievably thankful that you are starting to feel better.
Naps or no-naps. Driving around or snuggled next to me in bed. In yesterday’s jammies or your weekend “Jersey Warm-Ups”. You are my best, through and through.


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