Dear Fans,
Thanks for worrying so much about me over the last few months. It’s nice to know that you guys are keeping up to date on how crazy my life is….but I wanted you to know that I am DOING GREAT! After the great Neocate Experiment, my doctors finally figured out that my belly needed some help with emptying. And that my acid needed to be kept in check a little more.
And then my mom might’ve gotten kinda bitchy at them and asked not very nicely if I could start eating solids again. Thank goodness my doctors know how to deal with bitchy moms, ’cause they said OK.
And here I am, eating the first solid food I had in a month…..a BANANA! And let me tell you, it was the best fucking banana I’ve had in my life. Sorry Mom, but it was! Want to know what made it even better?

Baubee and Uncle Scottie were there at the table giving me a “hooray” with each bite! Hey, um banana? Don’t come back up or anything ok? You’re great and all, but I’m really over seeing everything come up again. OK? Thanks.

Moving right along, the next day I had some Rice Chex.

And they came EVERYWHERE with me.

I SO remember how to do this….

So far, I’ve had rice, toast, butternut squash, crackers, rice chex, avocado, blueberries, carrots, chicken, raisins, oatmeal, grapes, and some other stuff too. The other day I sat in my big boy booster seat and bellied right up to the table, no tray or anything! And I ate some chicken just like a toddler boy, holding on to a whole piece and taking bites off. Mommy got a little misty eyed, because in the month that I wasn’t eating, I was growing from a little baby boy to a big toddler boy. No more high chair, no more baby bites, shit…I even hold my bottle by myself. Yeah I know, that one was a long time comin’!
My belly is so full now, that I think I’ll just kick back and sip my double espresso… Don’t go anywhere….I got my eye on you….


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