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Tidbits….Random But Relevant:
*Max has very dramatic conversations with himself. “Cah? (Coffee) No! Noooo! Hot!” And “Suuu! (Super Why tv show) Yeah!!”. He asks himself questions, and then answers himself…with great enthusiasm!

*Our nightly car rides to get him to go to sleep are starting to deteriorate. Max has taken to screaming “Out! Home!” And more recently “Heeelllllpppp!” It would be funny if it wasnt so sad that he cant go to sleep any other way.

*He’s learning to count. And he has favorite numbers…like two, eight and nine. So those numbers come after everything. And every letter is K. And every color is “bluuuuuue”.

*Max knows what he’s not supposed to do, so he’ll take your hand and try to make YOU do it so he doesnt get in trouble. He’ll say “Mama! Dooooooo!” And try to push my hand towards stealing another kids toy, pushing the temperature buttons on the wine fridge, petting a strange dog, touching the stove, and so on. He’s pretty clever.

*He likes to hide under pillows and then call out “Maaaahh” (Max) so that you’ll call his name and look for him. He’s also a big fan of taking things and running away with them so that he can squirrel them away in a place where no one else can get them. Like hiding a contraband pen under the dining table, or taking my pillow and hiding it in the small crawl space behind his crib.

We’re always on our toes over here, but what a beautiful dance it is!

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