Guess who came to visit me all the way from New Jersey??? I got to show my Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop all around my new neighborhood. One day we went up to the harbor and hung out with this guy, who had just caught a huge fish. Hey Pop-Pop….you look really “California” in those cool shades!

Can you believe that they drove all the way here in this little car?? Pop-Pop was tired of pedaling by the time they got here, so I had to push him….

We had a little conversation about which way to go….

Pop-Pop, I told you already, there’s no way all of your luggage is going to fit in this trunk!!

Pop-Pop and I came up with our own little game….we called it “Boom!”…..

My grandparents took really good care of me. My mom and dad have been a little worn out lately, so it was really nice for them to have some help. Pop-Pop and Mom-Mom spent lots of time playing with me, helping to get our house back in order, and cooking some really great meals for my folks. It was so nice to have a whole week to spend with them!

Do you think I wore them out?


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