Tis the Season for sharing some Christmas cheer with my best buddy Jack! We’ve started a little holiday tradition….check out how small we were LAST Christmas!

It’s funny, last Christmas I was so little that I didn’t want to sit still for too many pictures….

But THIS Christmas, well…..
Last Christmas I made friends with Rudolph….

Hey reindeer! Remember me???

This Christmas, Jack and I are big enough to REALLY be best buds. This is what best buds do…

I love you too man!

Jack has this cool car that he likes to cruise around in, but he needed me to help him fill it up with gas…..Thanks for letting me go for a ride buddy!

You want me to turn the GPS on how?

Now hang a right up here at the Christmas tree….

As you can see, Jack and I have lots to do when we hang out. Having such great friends is the true meaning of the season! We love you Weiss family!

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